Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Recipients


Leading the way for future Tigers.

Being a member of the Clemson Family means being a leader both on and off the field, whatever your chosen field may be. Clemson leaders show their stripes through their determined spirit, commitment and dedication to their communities and their alma mater. It was an honor to recognize these outstanding individuals for selflessly giving of their time, talents and resources.

Alumni Volunteer of the Year

Presented annually since 1988, the Frank Kellers III Volunteer of the Year award is the highest recognition and greatest expression of appreciation extended to an individual for outstanding service. The 2015 recipient is Jim Bull, who is recognized for his outstanding work with the Lexington Clemson Club and his unwavering dedication to Clemson.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

This year five Clemson Alumni were presented the highest honor bestowed upon a former student by the Clemson Alumni Association. Their determined spirit has been demonstrated in their personal and professional success. They have continued involvement with Clemson throughout the years and have left an indelible paw print on their beloved alma mater. We are proud to have recognized these great individuals this year:

Robert J. “Bobby” Conrad Jr.  ’80

Gerald M. Glenn ’64

Charles C. Mickel ’79

Gregg F. Morton ’78

Norman F. Pulliam Sr. ’64

Distinguished Service Award nominations open in the summer, and you are encouraged to nominate a deserving Tiger! Check clemson.edu/alumni for the call for nominations.

Honorary Alumnus

Although they are not traditional alumni of Clemson, each of the individuals chosen for the distinction of “Honorary Alumnus” displays passion, devotion and dedication to Clemson University. Bruce Yandle, dean emeritus of the College of Business and Behavioral Science, John Seketa, retired assistant athletic director, and Alfred Wheeler, entomologist, were named honorary alumni this year. If you know a Tiger who deserves to be called an Honorary Alumnus, the Alumni Association accepts nominations in the summer. Details are available on our website.

Roaring 10 (Young Alumni)

Sponsored by the Young Alumni Council, Roaring 10 recognizes 10 young alumni for their impact in business, leadership, community, educational and/or philanthropic endeavors. The 2015 honorees are:

Brian Ammons ’08

Mary Kathryn Dempsey Nunes ’08

Steven Foushee ’05

Tripp James ’02, M ’04

George Nathanial Magrath ’06

Raven Magwood ’12

Laneika Mattress Musalini M ’11

Hannah Hopkins Pittman ’03, M ’13

Thomas Rhodes ’06

Tia Nicole Williams ’05

Be sure a young alumnus of merit is recognized. Nominations for Roaring 10 open in the fall.

Master Teacher

Jack G. Wolf, associate professor of finance in the College of Business and Behavioral Science, was chosen by the student body as the 2015 Alumni Master Teacher. The Alumni Master Teacher Award for outstanding undergraduate classroom instruction is presented to a faculty member nominated by the student body and selected by the Student Alumni Council.

Outstanding Achievement in Research

The Outstanding Achievement in Research Award is presented annually at the May faculty/staff meeting to a faculty member engaged in research. This award is administered by the Office of University Research with a selection committee composed of representatives from each of the University’s colleges who are members of the Sigma Xi and/or Phi Kappa Phi honor societies. This year’s award was presented to Joseph Kolis in the Department of Chemistry. Kolis’ group studies the synthesis and chemistry of novel inorganic compounds with unusual structures and properties. The group is particularly interested in chemistry under very unusual reaction conditions, such as with very high temperatures and pressures, or in exotic solvents.

Distinguished Public Service Award

Andy Rollins, upstate fruit and vegetable agent, was presented the Alumni Award for Cooperative Extension Distinguished Public Service. The award is given to an Extension Service professional who has significantly enhanced the well-being of the citizens of South Carolina and beyond, and has provided exemplary service to their fields on behalf of Clemson University.

Determined Spirit in Action

Tigers across the world have selflessly given of time, talent and resources to support Clemson. The determined spirit of a Tiger is a giving spirit — one that keeps Clemson alive every day on campus and afar.

TALENT: Countless alumni impact our world through their personal and professional lives. When their determined spirit gains traction, anything is possible.

TIME: Clemson alumni spend countless hours of service, individually and with Clemson Club activities, throughout the year. In April, our alumni took part in “Every Tiger Cares” which is a week dedicated to volunteerism. Tigers gathered together across the country, participating in community projects and volunteering time with children, the elderly and veterans of our armed forces. Others spearheaded food and clothing drives or helped raise money for local charities.

RESOURCES: In addition to donating time, Tigers across the world give generously of their resources. Due to this dedication and commitment to Clemson Forever, the Alumni Association was able to give 10 Prince Scholarships and 11 Past President Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded annually from endowments originated by the Clemson Alumni Association.

Student Alumni Association

Thanks to an active Student Alumni Association (SAA), future alumni are able to make a difference for Clemson while they are still on campus. This past year, the SAA hosted 13 events and raised more than $30,777 to support scholarships and campus efforts.