Honorary Alumnus

Honorary Alumnus Award

The Alumni Association Honorary Alumnus distinction is intended for steadfast Tiger supporters whose “blood runs orange” but who never attended Clemson. An individual recognized with the Honorary Alumnus designation is considered an honorary member of the Alumni Association in the class year in which they are presented with the honor.

The Alumni Association accepts Honorary Alumnus nominations throughout the year. Nominations that are received throughout the year are compiled annually in January and the Honors and Awards committee of the Alumni Association reviews those nomination mid-Spring to identify those who will be recognized. An official call for nominations occurs each Fall.

To learn more about the details of the honor and what it entails, visit Honorary Alumnus Guidelines.

To nominate someone as an Honorary Alumnus, visit the Honorary Alumnus Nomination Form (nominators strongly encouraged to submit additional letters of recommendation).

Any alumnus (all whom have completed 12 credit hours) of Clemson University may nominate a person to be an Honorary Alumnus.  Applicants will be judged based on an individual’s outstanding service to Clemson and/or the Alumni Association, lifelong devotion to Clemson University and demonstrated loyalty to Clemson and the Alumni Association. Nominate a Tiger today!

Swinneys Named Honorary Alumni

William Christopher “Dabo” Swinney and Kathleen Bennett Swinney have been named honorary alumni of Clemson University. Both were recognized with this designation at the 2017 All In Ball, an event presented by Dabo’s ALL IN TEAM FOUNDATION. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Dabo began his career on the Clemson University Football Coaching Staff […]

Mickey Harder Named Honorary Alumna of Clemson University

Lillian U. “Mickey” Harder has been named an honorary alumna of Clemson University. A South Carolina native, Harder holds degrees from Coker College and Converse College and has continued her studies at Boston University, the University of Georgia, Amherst College and the American Conservatory at Fontainebleau, France. Harder came to Clemson with her husband in […]

JoVanna King named honorary alumna of Clemson University

JoVanna King of Anderson has been named an honorary alumna of Clemson University. King is senior director of estate planning and principal gifts at Clemson. She has supported Clemson for more than 25 years, working in the Donor Research and Major Gifts departments. King has been involved in raising more philanthropic money than any employee […]

Orangeburg native Frank Inabnit named honorary alumnus of Clemson University

Frank Inabnit III of Jacksonville, Florida, has been named an honorary alumnus of Clemson University. Inabnit is a native of Orangeburg and son of the late Frank and Mary Stewart Inabnit. Inabnit has been a loyal IPTAY member for 45 years. He has served as an IPTAY representative and has contributed to the Clemson Alumni Association for more […]

John Komo named Honorary Alumnus at Clemson University

A Clemson University professor emeritus who is credited with helping students succeed in life is among the latest group of university faithful to be named Honorary Alumnus. Dr. John J. Komo served as a professor in the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering for 34 years before retiring. His latest honor puts him in […]

Bobby Couch named Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University

CLEMSON — James Robert “Bobby” Couch Jr., assistant director of athletics and IPTAY executive director of major gifts, has been named an Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University by the Clemson Alumni Association. “I’m ecstatic and truly honored to be named a Clemson University Honorary Alumnus,” said Couch. “The day that Brian O’Rourke [director of Development […]

Mary Dalby Bradley Named Clemson Honorary Alumna

The Clemson Alumni Association (CAA) has named one of the university’s most enthusiastic and dedicated champions, Mary Dalby Bradley, an honorary alumna for her lifelong devotion and demonstrated loyalty to her adopted school. Mary wed her husband, Phil, in 1963 while he was a student at Clemson and has supported the school ever since. “Mary Bradley […]

Bruce Yandle, Dean Emeritus of CBBS, Named Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University

CLEMSON — Bruce Yandle, dean emeritus of the College of Business and Behavioral Science and Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of economics, has been named an Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University by the Clemson Alumni Association. “This is a high honor,” he said. “I join the ranks of my favorite people: my former students and others who came to Clemson. […]

John Seketa Named Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University

CLEMSON — The Clemson Alumni Association has named retired assistant athletic director John Seketa as an honorary alumnus in recognition of his hard work and devotion to Clemson University and the Alumni Association. Over the past 28 years, Seketa has contributed to the athletic department’s success. During home football games, Seketa was game manager, coordinating all game-day […]

Alfred G. Wheeler Jr. Named Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University

CLEMSON — The Clemson Alumni Association has named entomologist Alfred G. Wheeler Jr. an honorary alumnus of Clemson University. During his career as an entomologist, Wheeler became the world authority on the insect family Miridae and published the awarding winning text “Biology of the Plant Bugs.” After working 25 years with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Wheeler […]

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Dorothy Abbott
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Mark Avent
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