Clemson Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award Guidelines


For the Clemson Alumni Association to recognize up to five alumni annually for outstanding service to Clemson University, success in their professions or personal callings, and commitment to the communities to which they belong.

This is the highest honor bestowed upon a former student by the Alumni Association.


Nominees must: fulfill purpose of award; be an alumnus of Clemson University; not have been an undergraduate student at Clemson University in the past five years; not be a candidate for public office; not be receiving monetary compensation from Clemson University or its affiliates during nominations process; not be an elected member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors at time of selection.

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be considered for this award based on the significance of their contributions as indicated below, and with the following weightings applied to each category:

• Dedication and service to Clemson University – 50%

• Devotion to community and public service – 25%

• Professional and/or family achievements and accomplishments – 25%


These requirements are guidelines for the selection of nominees and may be waived by the Alumni Association Board of Directors in cases where extenuating circumstances exist. Such a waiver requires the support of a two-thirds majority of the Alumni Association Board membership.


The Honor and Awards Committee of the Alumni Association will accept nominations of individuals prior to July 29th. Each nomination must utilize the official nomination form, contain three letters of support, with one being authored by the nominator, and, if readily available, the nominee’s resume may be included as supporting documentation. The total length of a nomination – inclusive of the requisite official nomination form and letters of support – must not exceed ten one-sided pages. The length of the form is typically 3-4 pages. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Nominations should convey to the selection committee the merits of each nominee, personally and professionally, assuming that no prior knowledge of the candidate exists and that committee members are unfamiliar with the candidate. Personal and professional roles should include traditional professional careers, virtual and/or temporary work, homemakers and professional volunteers.

NOTE: The details provided in the nomination form and the support letters are the sole source of information that the committee uses in the evaluation and selection of candidates. Please take this into consideration when determining the extent to which you complete the form.

If a candidate is not selected within three years of the date of the original nomination, the nomination will be disregarded and a new nomination must be submitted if the nominee is to receive further consideration. In no case should a nominee be informed of the nomination. The nominator should seek information and supporting materials in a confidential way.

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