Distinguished Service Award

  • Distinguished Service Award

    Congratulations to the 2019 DSA Honorees! Lori Anne Carr, Titus Duren, Jim McCabe, Nicky McCarter and Greg Smith.

    Congrtulations to the 2019 Distinguished Service Award Recipients
  • People on Stage at the 2019 Distinguished Service Award
  • Distinguished Service Award Ceremony
  • 2019 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

The Clemson Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor that the Association can bestow upon an alumnus or alumna. This prestigious award is given to those alumni who have not only devoted their life to professionalism and public service, but who have also continued a lifelong dedication to Clemson University. Through a competitive nomination process, members of the Clemson family promote and support those who have given back in many ways and who deserve the honor of being recognized by the Alumni Association and by their Alma Mater.

The Distinguished Service Award is based on three main criteria – dedication and service to Clemson University; personal and professional accomplishments; and devotion to their community and public service.

Nominations for this award for 2021 open in May. To review the eligibility requirements and submission instructions, please review the nomination guidelines. Each nomination submitted for consideration must be typed and in the official nomination form. Nominations not submitted through the official online form will not be accepted. Three letters of support are required for each nomination.

Congratulations to the 2019 Honorees:

        • Lori Anne Carr ’90 M’92
        • Titus Duren ’71
        • James T. McCabe
        • John Nichols McCarter Jr ’80
        • Gregory C. Smith ’84

Click here to view photos of the presentation ceremony. For a full bio of each of the recipients and to see their tribute videos, please click on the posts below.

The Distinguished Service Award is based on three main criteria – dedication and service to Clemson University; personal and professional accomplishments; and devotion to their community and public service. Review the nomination guidelines for further details. Please see below for the biographies of this year’s winners.

To request information, please contact us at info@alumni.clemson.edu or at 864-656-2345.

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South Carolina native Lori Anne Carr is being honored by the Clemson Alumni Association with the Distinguished Service Award.

Lori Anne Carr ’90, M‘92

Lori Anne Carr graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education in 1990 and with a Masters of Education in administration and supervision in 1992. In 1999 Carr joined her husband, Chalmers, in launching Titan Farms, the largest peach grower on the east coast, with over 6,200 acres of peaches in […]

Sumter native and long-time educator Titus Duren is being honored by the Clemson Alumni Association with the Distinguished Service Award.

Titus Duren ‘71

Titus Duren was born in Sumter, South Carolina and graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Political Science in 1971. Following his time at Clemson, Duren received a master’s degree in education from the University of South Carolina (’78) and completed 30 hours above his master’s degree with an emphasis in education administration at […]

Ft. Motte, South Carolina native and World War II veteran James T. McCabe is being honored by the Clemson Alumni Association with the Distinguished Service Award.

James T. McCabe

Jim McCabe was born and raised in Ft. Motte, South Carolina. He entered Clemson as an engineering student in 1943. After several semesters, he withdrew as a student and answered the call to serve his country in World War II. After serving in the United States Navy in the South Pacific, McCabe returned home to […]

Clemson University Board of Trustees member John N. McCarter Jr. is being honored by the Clemson Alumni Association with the Distinguished Service Award.

John N. McCarter, Jr ‘80

John Nichols McCarter Jr. was born in Clover, South Carolina and came to Clemson in 1973 as a walk-on linebacker on the Clemson Tigers football team. Although his time on the football team was cut short, he remained involved in the football program and developed integral relationships that would impact his future career. In 1980, […]

President of Blue Vista Ventures, LLC, Greg Smith, is being honored by the Clemson Alumni Association with the Distinguished Service Award.

Gregory C. Smith ’84

Gregory C. Smith was born and raised in Coming, New York and after high school decided to make the trek down South for college.  He graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering in 1984 and in 1988 received his master’s in international business from the University of South Carolina. Smith […]

DSA Past Recipients
1960Frank Gunby Sr. ’02
Frank Jervey ’14
Claude Lawson ’15
Wofford B. Camp ’16
S.C. McMeekin ’23
W. Wright Bryan ’26
1961Theodore C. Heyward ’08
Samuel Littlejohn ’17
J. Strom Thurmond ’23
John R. Heller ’25
James A. Milling ’27
1962Silas N. Pearman ’24
J. Wilson Newman ’31
Patrick N. Calhoun ’32
Robert C. Edwards ’33
William G. DesChamps ’38
1963John P. Tarbox ’04
F. Porter Caughman ’08
Robert M. Jones ’30
Walter Snyder ’30
R. Roy Pearce ’41
1964Frank Kolb ’20
James H. Sams ’24
Amos Priester Jr. ’32
Joe Sherman ’34
William Folk Jr. ’37
1965E. Hugh Agnew ’16
George H. Aull Sr. ’19
Goode Bryan ’18
William Grier ’23
Walter Cox ’39
1966T. Wilbur Thornhill ’14
William J. Erwin ’21
Henry C. Coleman ’26
Sherwood E. Liles ’27
J. Banks McFadden ’40
1967B. Rhett Turnipseed ’96
S.R. Rhodes ’07
John M. Fleming ’26
George G. Durst ’30
Harry S. Ashmore ’37
1968Claude Hayden ’12
James G. Gee ’17
Jesse A. White ’24
Howard D. Nottingham ’35
Julian Dusenberry ’42
1969John W. Lewis ’08
Thomas S. Buie ’17
Harper S. Gault ’28
C. Calhoun Lemon ’32
Earl Mazo ’40
1970Milton D. Berry ’13
States R.G. Finley ’18
William J. Clapp ’23
Thomas S. Millford ’29
Charles E. Hammond ’42
1971Gerald R. Tyler ’17
Deems Haltiwanger ’19
William S. Coleman ’39
J. Richard Sosnowski ’42
Rembert R. Stokes Jr. ’53
1972Lucius H. Harvin ’34
Harold B. Risher ’38
T. Ed Garrison ’42
Glenn J. Lawhon ’46
Earle E. Morris ’49
1973O. Harold Folk ’37
Marshall E. Walker ’41
Wilson C. Wearn ’41
Harris W. Hollis ’42
Fletcher C. Derrick ’55
1974George Chaplin ’35
Taze L. Senn ’39
Robert W. Moorman ’40
Edward L. Young ’41
Thomas C. Breazeale ’42
1975O. Romaine Smith ’33
Robert E. Marvin ’42
J. Givens Young ’42
Thomas E. Thornhill ’48
Robert H. Yeargin ’49
1976Thomas M. Hunter ’09
H. Hugh Dukes ’15
Ottis R. Causey ’27
George H. Aull Jr. ’44
George M. Moore ’58
1977Herman J. Nimitz ’17
Kenneth N. Vickery ’38
Paul J. Burns ’40
William H. Orders ’48
Sam E. McGregor ’49
1978R. Brice Waters ’16
Murray M. Stokley ’36
George M. Williams ’39
Paul W. McAlister ’41
Ben Hudnall ’43
1979Hamilton E. Russell ’27
Clifford T. Smith ’27
Jesse H. Yarborough ’30
J. Garner Bagnal ’34
William W. Dukes ’38
1980Herbert P. Cooper ’11
DeWitt T. Hardin ’12
Eugene P. Willimon ’33
Edward L. Proctor ’47
Davis T. Moorhead ’54
1981Matthew L. McHugh ’19
Frank M. Hubbard ’40
Marvin McClam ’43
Louis P. Batson Jr. ’48
Lawrence V. Starkey ’56
1982C. Hoyt Rogers ’26
Cecil O. Browning ’37
Gordon Rogers ’37
Robert L. Stoddard ’41
H.C. McLellan ’54
1983Edwin P. Rogers ’31
S.F. Horton ’32
Philip H. Prince ’49
Billy G. Rogers ’49
William E. Dukes ’57
1984Rembert G. Horton ’30
Lewis Holmes ’44
William H. Hunter ’45
David L. Peebles ’49
Clifton D. Wright ’55
1985Marion R. Lawton ’40
Lee W. Milford Jr. ’43
R. Ramsey Mellette Jr. ’47
Frank S. Hanckel Jr. ’55
John J. Britton ’58
1986Wallace R. Roy ’26
Daniel S. Lesesne Jr. ’38
I.L. “Rusty” Donkle Jr. ’49
George J. Bishop III ’52
Jay D. Hair ’67
1987Robert S. Campbell ’37
Winston A. Lawton ’37
George Bennett ’55
John D. Tice ’55
Robert H. Brooks ’60
1988Jesse Boyce ’44
Leonard Butler ’53
Milton Holcombe ’53
Tom Lynch ’58
Currie Spivey ’58
1989Raymond A. All ’34
Robert C. Bradley ’49
Henry F. Cooper ’58
James P. Creel ’60
Bill Amick ’66
1990James E. Bostic Jr. ’69
Walter K. Lewis ’37
Wellington M. Manning Jr. ’58
William J. Neely Jr. ’58
William B. Sturgis ’57
1991Frank S. Barnes Jr. ’42
Jack T. Day ’56
Harvey B. Gantt ’65
John T. Mundy Jr. ’28
Ted P. Pappas ’58
1992Charles M. Campbell ’42
Jerry E. Dempsey ’54
Lawrence M. Gressette Jr. ’54
Frank E. Lucas ’59
Warren H. Owen ’47
1993Leslie G. McCraw ’56
Emory G. Orahood Jr. ’43
Cyril Ovierre Shuler ’34
Byron K. Webb ’55
James Ryan White Jr. ’42
1994John Q. Adams III ’67
Henry Carroll Chambers ’49
Willie Cecil Godley ’43
William Philip Kennedy ’61
William Harry King ’44
1995Frank Erwin Abell Jr. ’60
Donald Edward Golightly ’65
Leon J. “Bill” Hendrix Jr. ’63
Joseph Davis Swann ’63
Kermit Madison Watson ’34
1996Carolyn Willis Creel ’61
William Charles Kennerty ’48
L.G. “Skip” Lewis Jr. ’66
James Edward Robinson ’40
Allen Price Wood ’63
1997William C. Laffoday ’51
W. Joseph Lanham ’43
Thomas E. Skelton ’53
J.R. Swetenburg Jr. ’56
Joseph J. Turner Jr. ’71
1998Frank M. Bishop ’65
J. Richard Cottingham ’66
R. Thornwell Dunlap Jr. ’53
Laurie Coke Lawson ’53
Virginia C. Skelton ’58
1999Paul E. Blackwell Sr. ’63
Dennis H. Kekas ’59
William John Park ’48
Thompson E. Penney ’72
Marshall “Sonny” White ’65
2000James O. Sweeny ’39
Darra W. Cothran ’69
Renee J. Keese ’82
W. Richard Mattox ’51
F. William Vandiver ’64
2001Joel W. Collins Jr. ’65
Harry M. Lightsey Jr. ’52
Louis B. Lynn ’70, M ’72
John H. Pitts ’51
David S. Rozendale ’57
2002Rowland P. Alston Jr. ’70, M ’72
Carol K. Brown ’65
Beverly N. Skardon ’38
Arthur M. Spiro ’45
John E. Walker ’58
2003Alvin N. Berry ’65
Charles W. Bussey Jr. ’57
Benjamin T. Rook ’68, M ’74
David H. Wilkins ’68
Hughey A. Woodle Jr. ’51
2004M. Padgett Black Jr. ’71, M ’73
Albert N. Cameron Sr. ’41
Rebecca A. Epting ’62
James L. Sutherland ’67
Thomas P. Turner Jr. ’51
2005Alan Johnstone ‘32
Debbie DuBose ‘75
Earle Gaulden ‘51
Margaret Worsham ‘71
Mendal Bouknight ‘74
2006Robert Donald Fairey, ’75
Frank Kellers, III, ’57
H. Lloyd Lancaster, Jr., ’48
Dr. Thomas Charles Mann, ’51
Robert J. Rutland, ’64
2007Roger J. Troutman ’74
Fredrick W.Faircloth, III ’72
John H. Holcombe, Jr. ’58
M.Nick Lomax ’63
John W. Rheney, Jr. ’47
2008R. Glenn Hilliard ’65
Kathy H. Hunter ’80, ’83
Roy B. Jeffcoat ’55
Danny L. Rhodes ’68
Randy R. Smith ’66, HD ’97
2009Mr. Harry H. Frampton III ’67
Dr. Eddie M. Robinson ’75
Mr. Neil C. Robinson Jr. ’66
Mr. Kenneth L. Smith ’81
Mrs. Jane S. Sosebee ’78
2010Thomas F. Chapman ’65
Jerry D. Handegan ’65
Bartow S. “Bo” Shaw, Jr. ’63
T. Larry Sloan ’74
Joseph M. Todd ’79, M ’83
2011Chalmers R. “Hap” Carr ’60
Harold D. “Doug” Kingsmore ’55
Wilbur O. “Billy” Powers ’57
Charles K. Watt ’59
Kimberlee A. Wilkerson ’80
2012Gosnold G. “Goz” Segars, Jr. ’66
William Kelly Durham ’80
Palmer E. “Satch” Krantz ’72
E. Smyth McKissick III ’79
Charles L Sullivan, Jr. ’66
Dr. Theodore G. “Ted” Westmoreland ’56
2013William L. “Roy” Abercrombie, Jr. ’69
James Warren “Jimmy” Addison ’68 R
ussell Carlton Ashmore, Jr. ’50, ’55
Edgar James “Ed” Duckworth ’61
Ernest Mitchell “Mitch” Norville ’80
2014Senator Thomas C. Alexander ’78
Charles E. Dalton ’64
Steve C. Griffith Jr. ’54
Daniel C. Stanzione Sr. ’67,’68,’72
2015Robert J. “Bobby” Conrad Jr. ’80
Gerald M. Glenn ’64
Charles C. Mickel ’79
Gregg F. Morton ’78
Norman F. Pulliam, Sr. ’64
2016Bryant Graves Barnes ’76
Janine Anthony Bowen ’89, M’91
E. Grantland Burns ’88
Leslie Dunlap Callison ’81
Douglas Duke Richardson ’64
2017Richard M. Davies ’86
John W. Kelly Jr ’77
Ronald D. Lee ’76
Perry Sprawls Jr ’56, M’61, PhD’68
James H. Stovall ’51
2018Neill Cameron
Ann Hunter ’80, M’82
Tony Mathis ’86
Bill Smith Jr ’82
Mike Watt ’84
2019Lori Anne Carr ’90 M’92
Titus Duren ’71
James T. McCabe
John N. McCarter Jr ’80
Gregory C. Smith ’84