Honorary Alumnus Selection Process

Clemson Alumni Association

  • The Alumni Association Board of Directors has the sole authority to honor an individual by naming him/her an Honorary Alumnus/a of Clemson University.
  • Individuals may be nominated for Honorary Alumnus/a distinction at any time during the year but the selection process will occur annually in the spring. The nomination form is live and the formal call for nominations occurs in the Fall each year.
  • Any alumnus/a of Clemson University may nominate someone for Honorary Alumnus/a. In the fall of each year, all Alumni Association volunteer leaders will be notified of the Honorary Alumnus/a selection process by the CEO and given the opportunity to nominate someone for consideration.
  • A candidate for Honorary Alumnus/a must not have attended or received a degree from Clemson University. Candidates for Honorary Alumnus/a will be judged on the following criteria:
    • Outstanding service to Clemson and/or the Alumni Association
    • Lifelong devotion to Clemson University
    • Demonstrated loyalty to Clemson and the Alumni Association
  • Individuals may be nominated for Honorary Alumnus/a recognition by submitting the official nomination form and a minimum of three letters of support to the Honors and Awards Committee, articulating why the candidate exemplifies one or all of selection criteria. Nomination packets should not exceed 10 pages including the nomination form (typically 2-4 pages).
  • Up to five nominations plus one Class of 1939 honoree can be selected for Honorary Alumnus/a each calendar year.
  • Once the Honors and Awards Committee approves an individual to receive the Honorary Alumnus/a distinction, their nomination will be presented to the entire Board of Directors for final approval.
  • Following selection by the Board, the CEO will confer with the President of the Alumni Association and the Chair of the Honors and Awards Committee to determine the most appropriate setting to present the honor.
  • The CEO is responsible for keeping minutes of the Honorary Alumnus/a selection process and recording information regarding why an individual was selected. The CEO is also responsible for ensuring that an Honorary Alumnus/a is so noted in the alumni database.