The Clemson Ring

The Clemson Class Ring serves as a physical reminder of the bond that exists between alumni. The ring recognizes the accomplishments of Clemson graduates and, as a ring that has changed very little since it was presented to the first graduating class in 1896, it is widely recognizable among alumni around the world.

The class ring is presented to students who have completed 90 or more credit hours through a special Ring Ceremony. Introduced to the student body in the Spring of 2000, the Clemson Ring Ceremony is widely acknowledged as the preeminent Ring Ceremony among Clemson’s university peers. Hosted by the Student Alumni Council and the Clemson Alumni Association,  more than 4,000 rings are presented to students each year.

2020 Fall Ring Ceremony

For details and updates about the ceremony, please visit ALUMNI.CLEMSON.EDU/RING-CEREMONY.

The Clemson Alumni Association hosts Ring Week two times each year for current students who have complete 90 or more hours to order their Clemson Ring for the upcoming Ring Ceremony.

Orders are taken in late August for the Fall ceremony and in early January for the Spring Ceremony. Ceremony details are provided closer to the date.

The 90 credit hour requirement applies to undergraduate students. Graduate students may order their class ring the semester they apply for graduation. Grad students may participate in the Ring Ceremony, but they must contact Balfour at the time of their order to let them know they plan to do so. Alumni can order their rings at any time.

*You must have completed 90 or more earned hours on your academic transcript (not degree works progress report) to be eligible to order.

Check out the videos below to help you choose which ring is best for you and click the “order Your Ring Today” button to begin the ordering process.

If you are unsure about your ring size, until the Clemson Alumni Association reopens, your best option, if you feel comfortable and safe, is to visit a local jeweler and have them size your finger. Please be mindful of social distancing and mask requirements.

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