Ring Repair and Resizing with Balfour

Any repair or resizing to your ring needs to be done by the manufacturer of the ring. If you purchased your ring prior to 2011, please call the Alumni Association at 864-656-2345 for more details.

Balfour’s Guarantees

A limited lifetime warranty with every ring
Four Year Ring Loss Protection Plan with ring replacement in the event of loss or theft
Free year, date, and degree changes if needed

Balfour Warranty

Warranted Craftsmanship. Your Balfour jewelry is designed and made to exacting quality standards and is warranted against any imperfection in design or workmanship. Any piece not meeting these standards will be repaired or replaced without charge.

Warranted Fit. All Balfour rings are warranted to be properly sized as ordered. Resizing will be performed without charge.

Warranted Stone Replacement. Genuine and Synthetic stones provided by Balfour are warranted against breakage and loss. In the event of breakage or loss, the original synthetic or genuine stone will be replaced at no charge.

ANY REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT UNDER THIS WARRANTY IS NOT VALID IF ANY WORK IS PERFORMED ON THE JEWELRY BY ANYONE OTHER THAN BALFOUR. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

Balfour College Ring Loss Protection Plan

Your Balfour ring is so precious that we offer a Ring Loss Protection Plan. If your ring is lost or stolen, Balfour will make you a new ring for a small replacement fee. This protection plan is in effect for four years from the date of purchase on all original rings and is limited to a single replacement of your original ring during that four-year period.

This Ring Loss Protection Plan excludes diamonds and precious stones.

Balfour Requirements for Replacement

  • Ring Loss Protection Plan/Warranty Card
  • Original invoice
  • Specs for replacement ring must be identical to original jewelry: stone, date, curriculum, school, and all other options.
  • Request for replacement must be made within 45 days from date of loss.
  • Police report number (as applicable)
  • Explanation of circumstances of loss
  • Please contact Customer Service at 877-225-3687 for current replacement fees. Replacement fees may vary due to the fluctuating cost of precious metals such as gold, palladium, silver, and platinum.
  • The Ring Loss Protection Plan is backed by an insurance policy.

Send request for replacement with original invoice, the Ring Loss Protection Plan/Warranty Card, and a check or money order for the then current replacement fee plus a $14.95 shipping and handling charge (shipping and handling charge includes insurance for the return shipment. Second day service is available for $19.95. Overnight service is available for $24.95) to:

Balfour College Rings
Attn: Ring Loss Protection Plan Dept.
P.O. Box 149056 Austin, TX 78714-9056

When shipping via UPS or FedEx, use the following address:

7211 Circle S Rd.
Austin, TX 78745-6603

Please see below for manufacturer details prior to the current Balfour contract.

If your ring was purchased between:

1941 – 1961 (Class year 1942-1962) – Herff Jones

1962 – 1969 (class years 1963-1970) – Balfour

1970 – 1979 (Class years 1971-1980) – Jostens

1980 – to the Summer of 2011 – Herff Jones

Fall of 2011 to Present – Balfour

Warranty Contact Information:

Balfour – 1-800-Balfour (225-3687) or 803-798-5134
Click here for Balfour Warranty Details

Herff Jones – 1-800-837-4235 or 864-244-0110
Click here for Herff Jones Warranty Details

Jostens – 1-800-854-7464
Click here for Jostens Warranty Details