Clemson Alumni Board of Directors

The alumni board is the governing body for the Clemson Alumni Association (CAA). Primary responsibilities of the board include general oversight of the programs and initiatives of the Clemson Alumni Association, financial audit and review, creation of governing policies and strategic planning. The board’s composition consists of up to 15 “at-large” directors each of whom serve three-year terms. These individuals are selected by CAA Board of Directors’ nominating committee and confirmed by the current board.

In addition, there are 3 “Leadership Directors” including the President, Immediate Past President, and President-Elect of the Association, as well as 4 ex officio “Clemson Directors” including the Chairman of the Clemson University Board of Trustees, the Chairman of the Clemson University Board of Visitors, the Chairman of the Clemson University Foundation Board of Directors and the President of the IPTAY Board of Directors. The Executive Director of the Clemson Alumni Association and the Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations also serve on the Board of Directors, bringing the total to 24 members.

For information about the Board, contact Wil Brasington.

The Clemson Alumni Association recently welcomed the following new boards members:

Caroline Aneskievich Headshot

Caroline Aneskievich

Benson Driggers

Sam Erwin

Lee Small Headshot - new CAA BOD member

Lee Small

Tony Washington headshot - New CAA BOD member

Tony Washington

Board Members

Jeff Duckworth ’88
Term Expires 2024

Clemson University Board of Trustees
Mark Richardson ’83
Term Expires 2022

Caroline Aneskievich ’10, ’11 MBA ’15
Term Expires 2026

Dr. Asa Briggs ’02
Term Expires 2024

Wil Brasington ’00
Ex-Officio, Executive Director

Shavonne Brown ’05
Term Expires 2024

Charlotte Cobb ’91
Term Expires 2025

Benson Driggers ’03
Terms Expires 2026

Sam Erwin ’90
Term Expires 2026

Chair Elect
Deborah Conklin ’92
Term Expires 2024

Clemson University Foundation
Matt Brennan ’01
Term Expires 2024

Clemson University Board of Visitors
Barbara Cullum ’89
Term Expires 2024

Ben Leader ’10
Term Expires 2025

Benjamin Moody ’16
Term Expires 2024

Brian O’Rourke ’83, M’85
Ex-Officio,Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Marque Macon ’10
Term Expires 2025

Stephen Powell ’10
Term Expires 2025

Immediate Past Chair
Gregg Morton ’78
Term Expires 2024

Billy Milam ’94
Term Expires 2024

Kayley Seawright ’14 M’19
Term Expires 2024

Lee Small ’94
Term Expires 2026

Jaletta Smith ’05
Term Expires 2024

Tony Washington ’01, M ’05
Term Expires 2026

Jametta White ’01
Term Expires 2025