Clemson Alumni Board of Directors


Now Accepting Nominations for Board Members
The Alumni Association is now accepting nominations for its Board of Directors. Applicants will be judged based on an individual’s outstanding service to Clemson and/or the Alumni Association, lifelong devotion to Clemson University and demonstrated loyalty to Clemson and the Alumni Association. The deadline for nominations for the Board of Directors will be March 31, 2018. To nominate someone please reference the forms below.

Board Member Nomination Form
Board Member Nomination Information

Now Accepting Nominations for Alumni Association President-Elect
Nominations are also being accepted for the Officers of the Clemson Alumni Association Board. The Officers of the Clemson Alumni Association are the President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past President. Each of these capacities carries with it a two-year term that commences on July 1, following the election of a President-Elect. As such, the cumulative commitment of service for an Officer is six years, from the commencement of duties as President-Elect to the completion of a term as Immediate Past President. The deadline for nominations for the Alumni Association President-Elect is March 31, 2018. To nominate someone, please reference the forms below.
Board Officer Nomination Form
Board Officer Nomination Information

The alumni board is the governing body for the Clemson Alumni Association (CAA). Primary responsibilities of the board include general oversight of the programs and initiatives of the Clemson Alumni Association, financial audit and review, creation of governing policies and strategic planning. The board’s composition consists of up to 15 “at-large” directors each of whom serve three-year terms. These individuals are selected by CAA Board of Directors’ nominating committee and confirmed by the current board.

For information about the Board, contact Wil Brasington.

Col. Sandy Edge ’72
Term Expires 2020

Clemson University Board of Trustees
Patti McAbee H’03

James A. “Jim” Bull IV ’73, ’74
Term Expires 2020

Wil Brasington ’00
Ex-Officio, Executive Director

Joni Byars ’07
Term Expires 2018

Shaun Cranford ’03
Term Expires 2018

Jeff Duckworth ’88
Term Expires 2019

Dr. Thomas “Brandt” Gilbert ’00, ’02
Term Expires 2020

Mike Hamilton ’85, ’88
Term Expires 2018

President Elect
Mike Dowling ’93
Term Expires 2022

Clemson University Foundation
Larry Sloan ’74
Term Expires 2018

Clemson University Board of Visitors
Hank Owen ’73
Term Expires 2018

Lisa Hendrix ’79
Term Expires 2019

Brig. Gen. Carlos Hill ’86
Term Expires 2020

Gregg Morton ’78
Term Expires 2020

Merritt Rechichar ’87
Term Expires 2020

Immediate Past President
Danny Gregg ’71
Term Expires 2018

Dr. Eddie Robinson ’79
Term Expires 2018

Brian O’Rourke ’83, ’85
Ex-Officio,Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Joe Semsar ’09
Term Expires 2019

Eric Thome ’00
Term Expires 2018

Barbara Webb ’89
Term Expires 2018

Kellye Whitaker ’90
Term Expires 2019

Kevin White ’92
Term Expires 2019