Recognized and Connected

After 6 amazing years at Clemson, I moved to Boston with my new husband in the fall of 2009. It took a while to start making new friends and connections. One Sunday at church I heard our pastor’s wife calling me from across the room to come show her my hand. I thought she wanted to comment on my odd fingers as many of my friends and family have over the years. Instead she took one look at my hand and shouted, “I knew I’d seen that ring before!!” Another church member I’d yet to meet, Katie Schooler, was a Clemson grad as well. Our pastor’s wife, having never been to Clemson and without knowing about our ring tradition, had been admiring my ring for months. When she came across someone else with the same ring, she instantly recognized it and connected us. Even in a big city like Boston, Clemson rings stand out and bring people together!

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