Dave and Lynette Snow Named Honorary Clemson Alumni

The Clemson Family is made up of people from all different backgrounds, professions and demographics. They are friends and supporters. They are graduates and lifelong fans. And at the heart of the Clemson Family is our alumni. They are those who stand proudly and say, “I went to Clemson.” They know firsthand the wealth of opportunities being a Clemson Tiger provides. And because Clemson provides students with an exceptional education and the one-of-a-kind Clemson Experience, the University can always count on them to be its strongest advocates and give back to the University in any capacity they can as alumni. From mentoring current students to providing financial support to cheering for our Athletics in competition, they are always there for their fellow Tigers – sharing their time, talent and treasure with future generations of Clemson students.

Given their outstanding service, unwavering dedication and commitment and their loyalty to Clemson, many are surprised to learn that David (Dave) and Lynette Snow are not Clemson alumni.

Dave and Lynette first visited Clemson with their daughter Ashley ‘15 who was considering becoming a Tiger. It was Spring Game weekend on campus; Zac Brown was performing at Littlejohn Coliseum; and it was a perfect, beautiful spring weekend – the type of weekend that the Clemson Family knows well. Ashley was immediately sold on Clemson. Throughout the weekend, Dave and Lynette began to see what is special about Clemson. And throughout Ashley’s time on campus, they continued to see the bond among Tigers. Ashley was embraced, nurtured and challenged.

Since then, Dave and Lynette have been “All In” for Clemson, seeing that “there is something in these hills.” Today, when they come to campus, they feel that they are “home.” As Clemson parents, they offered their support with the goal of wholeheartedly supporting Clemson students and providing them with a phenomenal Clemson Experience. And now as parents of a Clemson alumna, they have continued to devote themselves to Clemson by providing support for future generations of Tigers. Their thoughtful generosity has allowed Clemson to develop facilities, programs and services that have transformed the recreation, leisure and wellness aspect of student and community life. Their passion for improving the quality of life for Clemson students is a model to all within the Clemson Family.

In 2014, Dave and Lynette graciously gave a $2.4 million gift to support student recreation areas and programs. In recognition of this gift – the largest to the University from parents who are not Clemson alumni – the University’s recreation area on Highway 93 was named Snow Family Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center. In September 2016, recognizing that the project needed a boost, the Snows pledged to match up to $1 million in funds raised to complete the intramural field complex on Lake Hartwell. This match, known as the Snow Challenge, led to an additional $1 million in gifts from new donors.

College students say the benefits of recreational sports include emotional well-being, stress reduction, workload management and improvement of their overall happiness and self-confidence, and the Snow Family Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center offers an environment to facilitate the physical, mental and social development for Clemson students.

The center provides an active learning environment for experiential education, environmental awareness programs, recreational skills and life skills in leadership, community development and employment. Activities include club sport and intramural play, outdoor recreation classes, instruction

and guided trips, leisure skills classes, leisure recreation and major events. The center offers the Clemson community amenities to enjoy year-round.

The Snow family’s dedication to the University and Clemson students has set the bar for the future. Through the Snow Challenge, Dave and Lynette not only fulfilled their passion for giving but also their passion for inspiring others. They have always felt compelled to lead by example, and they are inspiring others through their thoughtful generosity.

In their letter nominating Dave and Lynette to be recognized as Clemson Honorary Alumni, Rich and Kelly Davies wrote:

“When we think about the Clemson legacy, we immediately think of Dave and Lynette. The Snow family’s legacy will forever be a part of our University’s legacy – a name recognized by thousands of students across generations. A name Clemson students associate with their fondest Clemson Experiences. From days on the shores of Lake Hartwell to evenings around the fire pit, the Snows are ensuring that Clemson students have a place to enjoy life – a place to make lifelong friends and unforgettable memories.”

Collectively, Dave and Lynette have six higher education degrees, and even though Clemson is not on that list, they give generously to the University. This is because they believe in Clemson’s mission, and they trust the University’s leadership, faculty, staff and students to make sure it is fulfilled. Dave always says that he believes in life you must pursue a “noble cause,” and he and Lynette have found that Clemson is among the noblest causes.

Dave and Lynette have given more than $3.5 million cumulatively to Clemson. But their commitment to Clemson extends far beyond their financial contributions. They also give graciously of their time and talent. The couple chaired the Vice President of Student Affairs Executive Council for Student Affairs, and they currently serve on the Committee on Philanthropy. Dave also serves on the Clemson Capitalism Institute Board and President Clements’ Advisory Board.

Dave graduated from Bates College in 1976 with a degree in economics. He then attended the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in 1978 and graduated from the Master of Health Administration program. During his time in the MHA program, Dave met Lynette, a nursing student from East Carolina University doing her summer internship at Duke Hospital.

Throughout his career, Dave has led pharmacy benefit managers, health plans, hospitals and physician groups. He began his career in hospital administration before moving on to run health plans. Dave is currently the Chairman and CEO of Cedar Gate Technologies, Inc., a health care predictive and prescriptive analytics company that he founded in 2014. The strategic intent of the company is to acquire and build the talent, software and services required to provide world-class health care analytics to integrated delivery systems and accountable care organizations (ACOs).

Lynette graduated from East Carolina University’s nursing program and then received her master’s from the University of Pennsylvania. She worked as a geriatric nurse practitioner for several years and then shifted her focus to raising two successful daughters, Lauren and Ashley, and keeping the family’s life at home grounded. Lauren graduated from Elon University in 2015, and Ashley graduated from Clemson in 2015 with a degree in marketing. Lauren received a master’s degree in Nutrition Science and Food Policy from Tufts University’s Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, and

Ashley followed in her father’s footsteps, graduating from Fuqua School of Business with a Master of Management Studies degree.

When Clemson calls on Dave and Lynette, they answer – often even greater than asked. They know the importance of family. They know how working together as ONE Clemson Family yields the greatest success, and they feel the importance of supporting family. This made them a great fit within our Clemson Family.

Dave and Lynette Snow have done remarkable things for Clemson, and they do it humbly and with immense grace. They believe in the Clemson Family. They are the Clemson Family. Dave and Lynette bleed orange.

Cheri Phyfer ’93, Senior Vice President and Group President for Fortune Brands and Clemson University Board of Trustees member, said in her nomination letter:

“Their thoughtful hearts and business minds have made – and will continue to make – Clemson a better place for generations to come. Dave is a brilliant businessman, and he brings that knowledge and perspective to Clemson. He is engaging and asks thoughtful questions. Lynette is smart, positive and engaging – a perfect fit among the Clemson Family.”

The Clemson Alumni Association is recognizing Dave and Lynette as Honorary Alumni to honor them for everything they have done for Clemson – and continue to do – to impact Clemson students today, tomorrow and forever. The distinction of Honorary Alum is a special recognition intended for steadfast Tiger supporters whose “blood runs orange” but who never attended Clemson. These individuals provide outstanding service to Clemson and/or the Alumni Association, lifelong devotion to Clemson University and demonstrate loyalty to Clemson and the Alumni Association