The view from campus and beyond.

What is being a member of the Clemson Family all about? It’s about that special bond you feel as soon as you meet with someone wearing the Clemson ring. It’s that feeling you get when you hear Tiger Rag. The chills you feel when the Tigers run down the Hill. It’s about wearing your Solid Orange with pride and the passion for your alma mater that you share with over 140,000 of your fellow alumni worldwide.

Every Tiger is a member of the Clemson Family and your Clemson Alumni Association is here to help you strengthen your relationship with each other and your University. Whether you are looking for networking opportunities, career assistance, volunteer opportunities or a place to gather with other alumni, we are here to support you and provide the resources to help you stay connected.

Each year the Alumni Association strives to engage with greater numbers of alumni. Here are some of the highlights from this year:

50,000+ are engaging through social media outlets such asTwitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

>50,000 around the world attended alumni events, both on and off campus,including receptions, viewing parties, student events and award ceremonies.

88 student scholarships totaling $67,280 provided by our clubs and groups.

22 exceptional individuals honored with awards and special recognition.

2,000+ students purchased their class ring.