Earlier this year we announced the re-launch of the Clemson MBA Alumni Association, and we were excited to see the interest our alumni displayed. In addition, we solicited applications for the inaugural Alumni Council and are pleased to announce this year’s members:

Steven Epps, 2010
Josh Tew, 2014
Chris Dickson, 1993
Julius Kerschinske, 2011
Maureen Murphy, 1994
James McAdams, 2012
Ryan Phillips, 2011
Wendi Witek, 2014

If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Council in the future, applications will be accepted every June.

Presently the council is foused on two main objectives:

(1) Developing a mission and goals for the organization.

The Alumni Council has established the following mission statement:

The mission of the Clemson University MBA Alumni Association is to enhance the experience of alumni and students through valuable opportunities that build an environment of loyalty, involvement, and life-long commitment to Clemson and the Clemson MBA family.

The organization will strive to create opportunities that:

1. Facilitate a forum for alumni to interact socially and professionally in order to ensure continued career success,

2. Foster the development of students and prepare them to enter a professional work environment after graduation

3. Enhance the perception and promote awareness of the Clemson MBA brand around the world.

(2) Re-establishing connection with our alumni.

I encourage all alumni to participate in the following two important items:

1. We are establishing an up-to-date database of all alumni to ensure better communication. Please click here to provide your information.

2. Like or follow us on social media in order to stay up-to-date with the Alumni Association and the MBA program. Please visit our FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn pages.