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The purpose of the CCAC is to create an environment that promotes networking among Chinese Alumni, through the organization of engaging events and exciting activities.  The CCAC desires to stimulate the building of relationships that last a lifetime among all members of its Clemson family.

克莱姆森大学中国同学会, 本会宗旨:和谊交游益心健行 本会以加强克莱姆森毕业校友精诚团结,关怀协作;促进会员交游互动,康乐逸艺;鼓励积极向上,自我实现的人生态度,提倡身体力行,知行合一的处事原则为主旨。并桥接各方资讯,发挥承外启内的作用 更多内容请访问本会主页。

Visit our external homepage for more information.

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