Perpetuating Clemson University’s ROTC Programs and Rich Military Heritage

Since Clemson began classes in 1893, the value of a solid military force has been a major part of its education. It has been said that Clemson supplied more army officers for World War II than any other institution except West Point and Texas A & M. Clemson once had the largest infantry ROTC unit in the country. When we visit the Clemson Military Heritage Plaza, we see the array of ribbons and honors, the footprints of brave service men, and the inscriptions from a variety of classes. When we read the Clemson Scroll of Honor, we see listed the Clemson alumni who have given their lives in service to their country from the Spanish American War through current operations. All of this gives us a glimpse of the University’s tradition of service.

A Long Standing Tradition

Today, Clemson Army and Air Force ROTC cadets carry on the rich tradition of the historic Corps of Cadets. These talented young men and women will serve our great nation in every corner of the globe as the future leaders of our Armed Forces. Through their patriotic duty, the distinguished and selfless service of the Clemson Corps of Cadets will be kept alive.This practice , however may not always be the case. For example, post Gulf War ROTC enrollment declined dramatically. Programs in competition with our ROTC departments are offering significant financial incentives to attract scholarship cadets. The Clemson Alumni Association has responded to the challenge with the formation of THE CLEMSON CORPS.

The Clemson Corps is a constituency group dedicated to continuing Clemson’s military heritage and developing other opportunities to commemorate the military history of Clemson University. In addition, it aims to support Clemson University’s Army and Air Force ROTC programs, Marine Corps Officer Candidates and Student Veterans through annual scholarship support and endowments. We can think of no better calling than to bring to Clemson outstanding young men and women who have already served or will be our Nation’s military leaders of tomorrow.

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Today, we support Clemson’s military legacy by helping to ensure that resources will forever be available to assist in the education of our country’s future military leaders and maintain Clemson’s military traditions. Your support is critical. Clemson’s military legacy is a key part of the University’s identity, and your gift will have a significant impact on the lives of Clemson Cadets, Marine Officer Candidates and Student Veterans.

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