The purpose of the Hispanic and Latinx Alumni Council (HLAC) is to plan and implement programs and events that are mutually beneficial to Hispanic and Latinx alumni, friends and undergraduates of Clemson University. HLAC  works to inform, involve, and serve all  as it promotes Clemson University by recognizing academic excellence through scholarships.

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Mission Statement

To serve as a bridge to Clemson University as well as an advising group to the Clemson University Alumni Association by conveying the Hispanic and Latinx perspective from a variety of backgrounds.

To support Clemson University’s missions and interests by creating, developing, and/or sponsoring programs, services, and events that meet the needs of minority students as they prepare to become alumni.

To assist the Alumni Association in achieving its mission of serving, involving, and informing our alumni, current, and future students and encourage them to develop a lifelong connection with the university.

To encourage and help retain current minority students and provide support to the university with minority student recruitment.


President Rosalia Vazquez ’13, M ’17
Vice President Daniel Hernandez ’18
Secretary Xiomara Mendez ‘16
Treasurer N/A
Charleston, SC Representatives Francisco Gutierrez and Alondra DeSantiago
Greenville, SC Representatives Eliset Garcia, Caroline Vargas, Melissa Espinoza, Patrick Mispireta and Jennifer Cabezas
Austin, TX Representative Andres Vinueza
Scranton, PA Representative Valentina Suarez
Atlanta, GA Representative Victoria Gonzalez
Memphis, TN Representative Michelle Fuentes