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The Clemson Alumni Association and the Michelin Career Center are now part of the same career system. However, there are two separate sides of the system that function independently from one another. Please read below to determine which side of the system is appropriate for you. If you graduated within the year: You will continue to work through the Michelin Career Center. This side of the system has more entry-level positions that are more appropriate for this stage in your career. After 1-year, you will become part of the Alumni Association’s career system (Alumni Career Services). Please click here for access: If you have been out of school 1-year or longer: Please fill out the form below to gain access to our career system. All fields must be completed to gain access. Once you have submitted the form, your credentials will be verified, and you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions. Please direct any questions to Deborah Cremer,, 864-656-0295. Thank you.
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