This Whopper Didn’t Get Away

In 1989, I was in Boston, Mass., on business, and I stopped at a Burger King to get a Whopper. In the restroom, I took my Clemson ring off, laid it on the side of the sink and washed my hands. After I walked out of the men’s room, I realized that I’d left the rind on the sink. I went back in, but it was already gone.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt worse. Since I had graduated from Clemson in the spring of 1976, my rind had been very dear to me.

I talked to the manager and gave him my address. After a couple of weeks, I called the regional manager for Burger King in Massachusetts. After a month, I filed a report with the police department in Boston. After about six months, I gave up and bought my second Clemson ring.

A year later I received a call from the Boston police department. A detective asked me if I was Harold Eric Seymore, Clemson Class of 1976. He then told me that while on a sting operation, they had arrested a drug dealer and noticed that he was wearing a Clemson ring.

They suspected that this particular individual had not attended the University. Going by the engraved name inside the ring, the detective called the Alumni Center and asked for my telephone number.

Now, I’m the proud possessor of two Clemson Class of 1976 rings! This works out great since I have two sons, and each will now have a ring from dear old dad.

– Eric Seymore ‘76

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