Snowball Fight

It was the winter of my senior year and we were being blessed with a decent snowfall in the foothills… since these winter wonders were rare, it was incumbent upon all Clemson men and women to make the most of them before they melted away. The call was to go forth, play and enjoy. Sledding required a cafeteria tray, or more ingenious one of the sliding wooden closet doors from the tin cans (out of an A-9 dorm room would do just fine)… but these required more in time to secure than normally affordable. A good ole snowball fight was always at the ready, and more than not many others were as willing to engage.

Out into the snow… reaching down and making a softball size snowball, and throwing it was just the ticket. As I released the only snowball I made that day and as it left my hand, so did my brand new Clemson Ring! My heart stopped as I realized what had just taken place. I walked to where I thought I had thrown my snowball and said please God… reached down into the snow and pulled out my Class of 69. Put in on my finger, went back to my dorm room and finished my statistics class assignment. I guess it could have been worst. I still have and love my ring.

Never a snow comes or goes that I don’t remember that wonderful day at my Clemson, year 1969.

— Tom Tantillo ’69

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