Scott Sampson ’08, M’10

Scott Sampson graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies in 2008 and received his Master in Human Resource Development in 2010 from Clemson. He started working for Clemson University five years ago where he started as the Phonathon Director in the Annual Giving office for the first 2.5 years.

During this time, he helped to increase the program’s revenue by 32%. He then moved into a position as Young Alumni Annual Giving Officer where he has put together many events that bring young alumni together, teaching them the importance of private giving. Young alumni giving has increased each year while he has been in this position. He volunteers at his local church and is highly involved in the student chapter of the Clemson Fellowship of Christian athletes. He served on the student leadership team as a senior in college and this fall, he will join the Adult Chapter of FCA to better serve this dynamic organization.

After volunteering in the Alumni, Annual Giving, Public Affairs and Donor Services offices while in school, he now serves Clemson University both as an employee and as an ambassador with passion and devotion to the school. He enjoys giving campus tours to prospective students and families.