Dumpster Diving

Around 1998, I was doing some substitute teaching at a school in Blenheim, SC. It was a busy spring day, and I wasn’t paying much attention to myself as I emptied out my pockets of the day’s trash. You see, I had this tendency, and still do, of placing many things in my pockets, so on this particular day I placed my ring into my pocket. It was wrapped up in some paper towel. I did not notice that I did not have my ring until I got back home that afternoon. The next day, I looked for my ring everywhere in that school. I remembered emptying my pockets, so I was left with no other choice. I had to go dumpster diving in the school’s dumpster on a nice, sunny, warm, spring afternoon. I looked through every piece of wrapped paper, but I found nothing. ( what we are willing to endure for the Clemson ring). I never found my original ring. I ‘ve since ordered a new one, but there is nothing like my first.

— Xaveria McRae ‘97

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