Clemson Club Echo Advertising

The Clemson Alumni Association prides itself on enhancing the lifelong Clemson experience by serving, involving, informing, and engaging our alumni, current and future students, and friends of the University. The Echo newsletter was created as a resource to achieve these goals. Promoting content that exhibits a strong connection to the Alumni Association is just one of the many ways we attempt to fulfill our mission. Therefore, the Alumni Association will consider promoting certain events that are hosted by officially approved extensions of the Alumni Association, including the Clemson Alumni Club Network.

Official Clemson Clubs may submit up to three events throughout the year for consideration in the Echo. Each event must adhere to the below criteria to be included. Submissions will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and each Echo will only include up to four club and group event submissions per issue. The staff of the Clemson Alumni Association will evaluate all submissions and will have sole discretion as to what content will be included in the Echo.

Each event submitted must adhere to all of the following criteria to be considered for inclusion:

  • Events that exhibit a strong connection to/support the Clemson Alumni Association
  • Events that are not are not focused on a small/specific geographic location
  • Events that are open to all alumni or a large segment of the alumni population (i.e. South East, North East, West Coast, etc.)
  • Events where at least a portion of the proceeds benefit Clemson University, the Alumni Association, the university campaign and/or an officially charted entity of the Alumni Association

Social Media Advertising Guidelines

The Alumni Association will not post content promoting initiatives by Clemson Clubs on alumni social media accounts. Due to the vast number of Clemson Alumni clubs and the limited geographic audience targeted by club events, the Alumni Association cannot fairly and equitably promote all events hosted by these entities. However, clubs and groups are encouraged to tag Alumni Association social media accounts in posting their events.

Below are examples of content that will not be promoted by the Clemson Alumni Association in the Echo

  • Selling of any goods or services that are not sold specifically by the Alumni Association or its contractual partners
  • Selling of any goods or services sold by entities that are not approved, university vendors
  • Content that involves:
    • Illegal activity
    • Hate speech
    • Harassment
    • Minors
    • Sex/nudity
    • Shock value
  • Events that are:
    • Unsafe
    • Deceptive/misleading
    • Not compatible with the missions and values of the Clemson Alumni Association
    • Political campaigns
    • Spam
    • Content that is asking to share a post for a contest that is not being held by the Alumni Association
    • Content that involves court cases

Guidelines for submitting content to be promoted

  • Must be submitted within one week prior to the dissemination of the desired Echo issue
  • The club must submit an advertisement or story that meets the criteria outlined for the Echo
  • The Alumni Association staff has sole discretion on what content will be promoted in the Echo