Senior Week April 2024

Ty Williams Student Alumni Council Member

Ty Williams

Name: Ty Williams 
Hometown: Cumming, GA
Major: Biosystems Engineering 
Favorite SAC event: Welcome Back Festival  

Why this is your favorite event: Welcome back festival is the perfect way to excite students to be back at school for the fall semester and to welcome the new incoming students with a fun, school-wide event. I love the environment of the festival and as a freshman I learned so much about the City of Clemson.  

Ashlea Willis Student Alumni Council Member

Ashlea Willis

Name: Ashlea Willis
Hometown: Greenwood, SC
Major: Microbiology 
Favorite SAC event: Ring Ceremony  

Why this is your favorite event: I love the meaning behind the Clemson ring! I cry at every ceremony because it is an honor for every student to receive their ring and be able to say “I went to Clemson!”  

Caroline Cavendish Student Alumni Council Member

Caroline Cavendish

Name: Caroline Cavendish
Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
Major: English
Favorite SAC event: Senior Week

Why this is your favorite event: I love this event because I love a good celebration and it’s a celebration that lasts a whole week!!! Senior Week celebrates the accomplishments of talented, intelligent, driven seniors who have given their all to Clemson for four years. I love being able to watch them have a good time before they walk across the stage in May.

Stewart Buxton

Name: Stewart Buxton 
Hometown: Columbia, SC 
Major: Communications
Favorite SAC event: Master Teacher  

Why this is your favorite event: This event celebrates what I believe a Clemson education should always represent. A teacher who makes a monumental impact on countless students gets the chance to see that they are deeply appreciated. I love the way this event shines a spotlight on those who often do not get enough thanks!