Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an open-membership organization creating student awareness of Clemson Alumni Association services and how it can positively impact the student experience.

Join online today by stopping by the Alumni Association across from Bowman Field (109 Daniel Drive) to complete the process in person.

Membership to the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is $20 and $5 goes towards a gift to Clemson.

If you would like to support the Student Alumni Association with a tax deductible gift, please contact Stewart Summers.

Clemson Alumni Center
109 Daniel Drive
Clemson, SC 29631

Phone: (864) 656-2345
Why join?

SAA is a way for undergraduate students to enhance their experience while at Clemson University. SAA provides a way to connect and foster a lifelong bond with Clemson. By making the yearly gift ($20 initially, $10 each year after) back to Clemson University as a student, SAA members establish a lifetime of service and connection with our institution.


1. “Ever Loyal” Book – The Ever Loyal book outlines the ‘bucket list’ for Clemson students, providing a list of traditions and events every student should try to do before graduation. SAA members who complete all 30 tasks in the Ever Loyal Book are eligible to receive an Ever Loyal Medallion to wear at graduation.

2. “Ever Loyal” Card (Discount Card) – This discount card is given to all members of SAA and has a variety of discounts for local businesses which are only available to SAA members.

3. SAA T-shirt

4. “BEAT” T-shirts – During the week prior to certain Clemson home football games, SAA members can pick up free “Beat” T-shirts to wear to the game. For example, when Clemson plays Notre Dame at home this year, SAA members can get a free t-shirt that says ‘BEAT NOTRE DAME’ on it.
You will receive an email letting you know when and where you can pick up your shirt.
This year “Beat” T-Shirts will be given out for the following games:
Notre Dame
Georgia Tech
Florida State

5. Appreciation days – In order to thank all members of SAA for their gifts to Clemson and their dedication to this university, SAC holds an annual SAA Appreciation Day in the spring for all current members. Last year, free ice cream was given away from ’55 Exchange to thank all SAA members.

6. Along with meetings to connect with SAA members throughout the year!

Join Online Now! 


1. Welcome Back Festival – Every year, the Welcome Back festival lines the streets of downtown Clemson, to signal the beginning of a new school year. Dozens of local businesses sponsor this event to celebrate the return of students. Stop by for music, food tastings, and giveaways!

2. Ring Ceremony – Each semester, SAC hosts the Ring Ceremony to honor those Clemson students who will receive their rings. Highlighted by the history of the ring as told by Dr. Jerry Reel, and a heroic tale of the worth of the ring as told by Col. Ben Skardon, the Ring Ceremony is one of Clemson’s most coveted traditions.

3. Senior Week – Each year in the week prior to exams, SAC hosts a variety of events for graduating seniors. Events such as Rub the Rock and Senior Ball serve to congratulate the seniors on their hard work, as well as to end their time here with the best traditions Clemson has to offer.

4. Cocky’s Funeral – Each year in the week prior to the Clemson vs. USC football game, students gather to take part in a pep rally to get students fired up for the football game. After Cocky’s Eulogy and cremation, free chicken sandwiches are given out to attendees.

5. Master Teacher – Is the most prestigious award given to a Clemson professors that is entirely student nominated and chosen. Master Teacher Award recipients exemplify all that is desired in a professor, as well as a lifelong devotion to and passion for Clemson University.

For more information, contact Stewart Summers.

Student Alumni Council

The Student Alumni Council (SAC) is the 35 member leadership council that governs the Student Alumni Association. SAC is tasked with enhancing the SAA experience and educating SAA members with the opportunities they have both at Clemson and after graduation.

2017-2018 Officers

President: Reed Gaston
Vice President: Ellen Featherstone
Director of Outreach: Crawford Phillips
Director of Membership: Caitlyn Risley
Director of Public Relations: Hannah Maiberger

Interested in Becoming Part of SAC?

Application Instructions

What is Student Alumni Council?
The Student Alumni Council (SAC) is the 35-member leadership council for Student Alumni Association (SAA). SAC serves Clemson in many ways. SAC is chiefly responsible for planning events for SAA members, maintaining a solid SAA benefits package, securing sponsors for SAA, and working at SAA sponsored events. SAC members also participate in various Clemson Alumni Association events and assist Alumni Association staff with their programs.

What Are the Requirements for Membership?

SAC meets on Mondays at 9:00pm. SAC/SAA events frequently require time throughout the week for the planning and execution of these programs, such as Senior Week, SAA Member Drives, Master Teacher selection process, and the Welcome Back Festival. Other assignments will be announced throughout the year. All SAC members are expected to contribute equally to the various assignments during their term.

Who Can Apply?
Membership on the Student Alumni Council is open to any member of the Student Alumni Association who will be enrolled at Clemson during the spring and fall semesters of 2018. Members must be dedicated to working on behalf of the students and alumni of Clemson University. Membership qualifications include involvement in campus activities, good academic standing, proven leadership skills, and the ability to positively represent the Alumni Association in diverse social situations.

What Does the Selection Process Entail?
The application must be submitted online by 5:00pm on Friday, February 2nd, 2018. In addition, your reference form must be submitted by email ( or turned in to the Alumni Center by 5:00 PM on Friday, February 2nd, 2018. Please download the file and send it to your preferred recommender.
The selection process includes a review of applications followed by an interview. Applicants must indicate on their application what interview times they WOULD be available. Those applicants making it to the interview level will receive a phone call giving them their interview date and time. All applicants will not necessarily receive an interview. Those not receiving an interview will be notified via email.

How Do I Apply for Student Alumni Council?
Complete the application, and have the reference form completed by someone other than a family member, current SAC member, or current Clemson student. This needs to be sent to Please make sure that all information on the application is complete and accurate.
If you have any questions, email

For more information about the Student Alumni Council and SAA, visit

Application and Interview Tips
• Make sure you follow the directions and include all information that is requested on the application
• Make sure you turn in your application BEFORE the deadline
• Have someone proofread your application before you submit it
• Keep a copy of your application and look over it before your interview in case you get a question related to the information that you provided in your written responses
• Wear professional dress to your interview
• Know the difference between Student Alumni Association and Student Alumni Council
• Know the responsibilities of SAC
• Know the benefits of being a member of SAA
• Try to think of some ideas or suggestions on how SAA and/or SAC can be improved
• Think of some ways SAA can better serve Clemson University
• Be able to talk about your experience as a member of SAA
• Know why you want to be a member of SAC and what you can contribute to SAC
• Be able to tell us why we should choose YOU over someone else
• Be familiar with Clemson’s Alumni Association