Courtney Meeks ’15, MBA ’17

Courtney Meeks ’15, MBA ’17 Receives 2022 Roaring10 Award

Courtney Meeks of Greenville graduated from Clemson in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and international trade. She earned a Clemson Master of Business Administration degree in 2017. She also participated in study-abroad programs at the Universidad Blas Pascal in Argentina and Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Courtney began her human resources career in 2016 as an intern with Milliken and Company in Spartanburg. She joined Milliken full-time in 2017 as a learning and leadership development specialist and became a continuous improvement specialist in 2021. She moved into Milliken’s textile division in 2022 as human resources manager for the division’s business units.

She is also co-owner and principal planner of Hudson Park Events, a full-service event and wedding planning company in Greenville that she helped establish in 2020.

In 2022, Courtney was named a United States Global Leadership Coalition Next Gen Leader and was selected to participate in Furman University’s Riley Institute Diversity Leaders Initiative. She is a global board member for Upstate International, which helps people and businesses of all nations thrive in the Upstate through programs, events and initiatives that foster the exchange of international cultures and ideas.

Courtney is president of the Clemson MBA Alumni Council. Her support for current MBA students ranges from speaking to classes and graduates to conducting interview workshops and reviewing resumes. Each year she invites students to spend an orientation day at Milliken to learn about the company, network with its senior leaders, and explore new career paths.