IPTAY Representatives

The IPTAY Representative Program is made up of 700 volunteers (mostly alums but not a requirement) throughout the state, region and country that help grow the number of donors and donations towards the IPTAY organization. To be an IPTAY Representative you are asked to do the following each year:

1) Maintain an annual membership at the $140 IPTAY level or above

2) Encourage the donation of at least 1 new annual donor at the $140 level or above

3) Communicate with your assigned list of donors to remind them of renewal dates, opportunities for increased support and any Clemson events being held in their area

To thank IPTAY Representatives for their efforts throughout the year two annual events are held that are by invitation only. The first is IPTAY REP Day held each August in conjunction with a closed to the public football scrimmage in Memorial Stadium; aka Death Valley. Then in the late spring IPTAY Representatives are invited to the National IPTAY Representative
banquet held in Clemson. This dinner meeting is a chance for REPs to hear about their success from the past IPTAY year and hear messages from coaches, administrators and most importantly student-athletes that are the recipients of IPTAY funds.

IPTAY Representatives are also rewarded with incentives for their work as volunteers with access to the REP Rewards Store. With one new donor each year, and points accumulated based off the donors you represent, you can select from different levels of apparel, tailgate accessories and other IPTAY branded items for free. Additionally, for each new donor you
sign up you are invited to participate in pre-game ceremonies, signing-day breakfast and other behind the scenes access into Clemson Athletics.

Our IPTAY Board is made up of IPTAY Representatives. IPTAY is divided into 10 geographic districts. The 7 districts in South Carolina are made up of counties each with a county chairperson and co-chair that serve as REP leadership for their county. North Carolina and Georgia make up two additional IPTAY districts that are divided into regions each with a regional chair. The final district is comprised of the southeast, northeast, Midwest and west coast regions of the United States. Each of these 10 districts is under the direction of a director that serves on the IPTAY Board of Directors. These directors serve up to three 2-year terms before the possibility of being elected to the executive committee which can lead to the role of being elected as President of the IPTAY Board of Directors.

Contact Information

Jason Wilson, 864-656-2980

Email: wilson@clemson.edu