Board of Visitors

The purpose of the Board of Visitors is to serve as goodwill ambassadors of Clemson University by attending periodic meetings of the board to learn more about the University and to communicate pertinent and accurate information regarding the University to family, friends, colleagues and members of the public. The Board of Visitors will assist the University with its efforts to accomplish its mission and promote its attributes in a positive manner. The board will also assist the president of the University with any special projects or assignments when the president asks for board assistance.

The board consists of approximately 60 members who are alumni or supporters of Clemson University. Each member is nominated by a member of the Board of Trustees and appointed by the president of the University for a three-year term of service. Each member serves on one of four standing committees: marketing, legislative, student affairs and past chairs. The latter includes ex-officio members who are past chairs of the board and willing to lend guidance and support to the current Board of Visitors Executive Committee.

Contact Information

Wil Brasington, 864-656-5652