Affinity Partnership Opportunities

Alumni Products and Services – Clemson Marketplace

The Clemson Alumni Association partners with a number of independent vendors who offer something of value to the alumni. We receive a portion of the revenue generated by these programs, which is then used to fund scholarships and alumni programming. By participating in these programs, you can show your pride in Clemson while at the same time helping support your alma mater and Alumni Association.

  • Requires up-front payment of $1,000 with ongoing commission agreement on products or services sold through Alumni channel.
  • Products and services include: graduation gifts, Clemson Ring plaques, alumni travel packages, license plates, etc.
  • Products are promoted via the ―Clemson Marketplace on the website (Shop Now) and in The Echo, the Alumni newsletter

Co-Branded Giveaway Item Sponsorships

  • Koozies, caps, pens, can be co-branded for giveaway during Alumni events or as general giveaways at over 350 regional club and alumni group events throughout the year.

*The Clemson Alumni Association does not permit advertising for private property and all advertisements must be associated with a licensed company. No more than two advertisers will be permitted at one time with products within the same industry. The Clemson Alumni Association maintains the right to accept or deny advertising rights to any entity. 

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