Advertising on the Clemson Alumni Website

Advertise on the Clemson Alumni Association’s website and gain access to the thousands of visitors that visit the site each month. Check out the site at

Website Features

Average of 24,000 visitors per month
Frequently updated content and features compel repeat visits and user interaction

Advertising Options

  • Large feature ad: 1,400 pixels x 350 pixels
  • Spotlight ad: 300 pixels x 168 pixels
  • Acceptable art formats include: .jpg, .png, or .gif
  • 150 dpi in RGB
  • Feature ad submissions must include a link to a website with additional information or advertiser must provide a 500 words or less profile story with photos
  • Spotlight ads must include a link to a website with additional information
  • Homepage ads are limited to 2 spotlights and 3 features
  • No flash or sound


Large Feature Ad – links to a website with additional information or a full page profile story that is 500 words or less which will be added as a page on the Clemson Alumni website.

  • $800 per 1 month

Spotlight Ad: Links to a website with additional information

  • $400 per 1 month

For more information about advertising on the Clemson Alumni Association website, please complete the form below.

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  • The Clemson Alumni Association reserves the right to refuse advertising based on the appropriateness of the product or service and conflicts of interest relating to contractual obligations with current partners.