New Way to Take the Work Out of Finding Work for Clemson University Alumni

Most job searches are tedious and time-consuming, with some spanning many months. The constant search across multiple job boards, repetitive uploading of resumes and repeated completion of applications can be overwhelming, especially if a job search goes on longer than anticipated. As a result, some job seekers give up their search altogether.

However, Fridayd, a technology solution with live backend support that functions like the job seeker’s concierge, can change that, and Clemson alumni can reap the benefits of using Fridayd at a discount to search smarter, not harder, for your next big adventure.

Imagine having someone not only conduct your job search for you, but also manage the complete application process too, plus uncover networking connections for you. That’s the tiring, frustrating administrative side of a job search that no one likes. Offloading these time-draining tasks could save you a lot of time, giving you the ability to focus more on the really important things, such as networking, preparing for interviews or just spending more time with family and friends.

Searching for a new job more effectively while saving hours of time and stress makes good sense for any job seeker. Why work harder than you need to? Now you don’t have to. In addition to taking advantage of Clemson University’s other career services, you can get started using Fridayd to rev up our job search while reducing stress and saving time, as much as 40 hours or more per month.

For more information about this revolutionary new approach to landing your dream job, read a case study about how a job seeker found her dream job in only eight weeks with Fridayd and view the video about how Fridayd works.

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