The purpose of the Clemson LGBTQ+ Alumni Club shall be to establish and maintain an official affinity group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) and questioning alumni, and LGBTQ+ friendly allies who are alumni, under the auspices of the Clemson University Alumni Association with the following objectives:

A) Raise funds for the Clemson LGBTQ+ Alumni Endowment for the benefit of an undergraduate student(s) who have made contributions to the LGBTQ community through leadership, service, volunteering or research.

B) Help Clemson achieve its goal of becoming and/or maintaining its status as a Top 20 National University by promoting equality for all students, faculty and staff.

C) The Club will work to promote the concept of “One Clemson,” which endeavors to engage all students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors, particularly freshmen and transfer students, in experiential, interactive activities aimed at facilitating dialogue and increasing awareness of and respect for different cultures and backgrounds.

D) Provide professional networking and social activities for LGBTQ alumni and allies who are alumni.

E) Work with and support the on campus Clemson University LGBTQ+ groups.

F) Work with the University to improve its nondiscrimination, harassment and related policies to protect all the members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Board of Directors

Executive Team
Brian Cave – President
Jim Hennessey – Vice President
Caroline Simpson – Secretary
Chris Grace – Treasurer/Endowment Chair
Steven Goodson – Past President

John Jay Jacobs – University Faculty/Staff Liaison
Sarah Cooper – SAGA Liaison
Josh Morgan – Clemson President’s LGBTQ Commission Liaison
Chelsea Clarey – Marketing & Communications Chair
Unfilled – Pride & Events Chair

Regional Representatives
Benjamin Crumley – Florida
Brian Cave – NY/NJ
Kevin McCausland – California
Jim Hennessey & Chris Grace – Chicago
Russ Madray – Upstate South Carolina
Patrick Cato – Lowcountry South Carolina
Unfilled – Atlanta
Unfilled – Charlotte


CASE currently supports an annual $500 scholarship for a student involved in LGBT service on campus. We’re working to increase this scholarship and build an endowment for future programs.

Please consider making a gift to help us reach our $50,000 goal. You can make your gift online at