Clemson Alumni Association Social Media Promotion Policy

The Clemson Alumni Association prides itself on enhancing the lifelong Clemson experience by serving, involving, informing, and engaging our alumni, current and future students, and friends of the University. Our social media accounts have been implemented to achieve these goals. Promoting content that exhibits a strong relationship with the Alumni Association is just one of the many ways we attempt to fulfill our mission. Therefore, the Alumni Association is open to promoting certain events and material that are not hosted solely by the Clemson Alumni Association, but by officially approved extensions of the Alumni Association.

Below are the approved guidelines for content that will, and will not be promoted by the Alumni Association on the official Alumni social media websites. The criteria for content that will be considered for promotion is also included.

Content that will be promoted by the Clemson Alumni Association

  • Events that exhibit a strong relationship with/support the Clemson Alumni Association
  • Content that exhibits a strong relationship with/supports the Clemson Alumni Association
  • Fundraisers that exhibit a strong relationship with/support the Clemson Alumni Association

Definition of content that has a strong relationship with the Clemson Alumni Association:

  • The content is sponsored by the Clemson Alumni Association
  • The content is sponsored by the University
  • The content benefits the Clemson Alumni Association, alumni, and students all together
  • The Content contributes to the mission of the Clemson Alumni Association
  • If the content is an event:
    • The majority of those who organize/host the event are alumni
    • The majority of those participating are alumni/students
    • The event benefits a large amount of alumni
    • Proceeds of the event benefit Clemson University, the Alumni Association, the university campaign and/or an officially charted entity of the Alumni Association
  • The content targets the Clemson Alumni Association’s preferred audiences
  • The content networks current students/young alumni with older/current alumni
  • The content provides alumni with opportunities to give back to Clemson University
  • The content that is deemed to be a feature story by our discretion

Club and Group Network Initiatives and Student Clubs and Organizations

  • The Alumni Association will not post content promoting initiatives by Clemson Clubs and Special Interest Groups due to the vast number of entities that fall within this categorization. However, clubs and groups are encouraged to tag Alumni Association social media accounts in posting their events.
  • In the same vein, the Alumni Association will not promote the initiatives of the various student groups and organizations on campus but will promote initiatives produce by Student Affairs. However, student groups and organizations are encouraged to tag Alumni Association social media accounts in posting their events.

Content that will not be promoted by the Clemson Alumni Association

  • Selling of any goods or services that are not sold specifically by the Alumni Association or its contractual partners
  • Does not have a strong/contractual relationship with the Clemson Alumni Association
  • Content that involves:
    • Illegal activity
    • Hate speech
    • Harassment
    • Minors
    • Sex/nudity
    • Shock value
  • Events that are:
    • Unsafe
    • Deceptive/misleading
    • Not compatible with the missions and values of the Clemson Alumni Association
  • Political campaigns
  • Spam
  • Content that is asking to share a post for a contest
  • Content that involves court cases

Guidelines for submitting content to be promoted

  • Must be submitted within 2 weeks of desired date of promotion
  • Must fill out application
    • Event application
    • Fundraiser application
    • Material application

Ricoh Print Services for Clubs and Groups

In celebration of Clemson, our on-campus print and mail center would like to extend their services to the Clemson Clubs and Clemson affiliates at the same discounted rates offered to employees which average 20% below commercial retail costs.  In addition to these low rates, turnaround times are typically within a few days and can include a free proof sent to you.  The on-campus print and mail center uses negotiated UPS & FedEx rates so shipping costs are far lower than standard costs. 

Services available include high quality color and black & white printing, copying, a complete bindery, fulfillment and bulk mailing services.  Start saving money on your printing and mailing projects and take advantage of this opportunity. 

To learn more or get a free quote, please contact Shannell Yvonne Mathis at or 864-656-0687.

Requesting an Email Distribution – Clubs and Groups

We are happy to assist university approved entities in getting out emails to their club alumni base. According to University policy and Can Spam Act laws, we are not allowed to provide you with alumni email addresses; however, we are happy to send your information on your behalf.

We will distribute it through our email system utilizing the university’s alumni database – which includes all alumni who live within the designated zip codes for your club. This will mean that our emails will reach a broader audience than your current list. We can send text emails as well as HTML emails. We just need for you to provide the text or the HTML code.

Why does this benefit you:

  1. Alumni typically update their contact information with the university or with the alumni association on a daily basis so we most likely have more up-to-date information.
  2. We manage opt-in and opt-out requests per Can Spam Act laws. It is required that in every email sent from any entity (in this case the university, clubs and any college or department) offer an opportunity to opt-out of emails from that entity – Clemson University. We have the code in all emails sent through our system to handle this request automatically.
  3. IF SOMEONE SENDS AN EMAIL TO THOSE INDIVIDUALS who have requested to opt-out – even though it is not coming from the university email system, but represents the university (I.e. Your email account or anyone in your club) – the university is then liable for all fines associated with not honoring their request which can be up to $41,484.00.
  4. Since university communications policies state this is not allowed, those who send the email may be liable for the fines.

University policies state that all communications to alumni must adhere to the following policy:

Clemson University Information Policy

Clemson University maintains information containing biographical, academic, demographic and gift information on alumni, donors and friends. This information exists exclusively to support the work of Clemson University and to assist the University community in transacting business related to Clemson University programs. Much of this information is protected under various state and federal laws and may not be used in violation of those laws or without an individual’s consent. The Clemson Alumni Association seeks to provide assistance for programs, communications, and events, which bring together Clemson alumni, donors, and friends. In order to provide the best possible service to those with legitimate needs for such information, and at the same time maintain the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us by our alumni, donors, and friends we ask that you submit your request for contact information, including mailing lists or demographic information, via this online form. Email addresses will not be released, but you may submit a request for an email distribution via this form as well. Thank you in advance for your partnership. If at any time you have questions about this policy, please contact Clemson Alumni Association, 864-656-2345 or

To request an email, please follow this process: 

  1. In order to process your request, please begin by setting up a login and password with us at You will only have to do this once and then you can log straight into the system each time you have an email. Emails can be sent within 24-48 hours as long as there is no university email scheduled during that time which would cause overlap in audiences and cause an influx of Clemson email into personal email inboxes.
  2. Once you have set up your account, log in and go to (you can also find this on and hovering over “resources” in the upper right corner and a drop down will appear where you will select “Email Distribution Request” from the first column   – about 6 down)
  3. On this page, you will select “Clemson Club.” You will then have to accept our email distribution policy. Once accepted, you will be taken into a form where you will provide us with all of the information we will need to process your request. If you are creating a text email, you will include the text and preferred subject line. If you are creating an HTML version, you will indicate that in the fields and then send your HTML code to Your code must be prepared for email use and not web page use.
  4. Your email content must be reviewed and approved before being sent, so please be sure to send it in plenty of time prior to your preferred send date either via the form or to
  5. You will receive a confirmation email and should expect that your request will be completed within 2 days of the request. The only reasons there will be any further delay will be a high volume of email requests on your preferred send day, holiday closing or inclement weather closings. In many cases, you can expect that your email will be sent within 24 hours of receipt but please do not count on this being the case and ensure that you provide us plenty of time to process and account for any of the potential issues previously mentioned.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dana Morgan at or at 864-656-5669.

Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to working with you. Go Tigers!




Alumni Group Grant Information and Application

The Alumni Group Grant System is designed to provide the Clemson Alumni Association (CAA) with a financial allocation process that allows opportunities for recognized alumni groups to receive funding from the Clemson Alumni Association. All recognized alumni groups of the Clemson Alumni Association will have opportunities to request funding through this system. A committee comprised of CAA staff members and volunteers will convene on a monthly basis to evaluate the grant requests received. Funding will be awarded based on the committee’s decision after all applications have been reviewed. Groups may receive full funding, partial funding, or no funding. The grant system funding will be available from July 1st to June 30th each year to coincide with Clemson University’s fiscal year. FAQ’S

  1. Who can benefit? Officially recognized alumni groups of the Clemson Alumni Association.
  2. Are there any additional requirements for groups to be considered for funding?
    1. Yes. Groups are REQUIRED to share their group’s annual report, including the most recent financial statement. Any group not sharing this information will be eliminated from the review process until said documents are received.
    2. If Groups are requesting funds for an event, they are REQUIRED to provide an evaluation form/online tool for participants to offer feedback relating to the event and the feedback must be shared with the Alumni Association. Failure to do this will impact future requests for funding.
  3. When are applications due? Grant applications are due the last business day of the month. Failure to meet the deadline may result in an additional month for review by committee. It is recommended that groups apply 90 days prior to the date funds are needed.
  4. When will the committee meet? The Grants Committee will meet within the first ten business days of each month to review all grant applications.
  5. How will groups be notified of the Committee’s decision? Groups will be notified by their assigned staff liaison by the 15th of the month with approved conditions and amount or denied with proper explanation and reasoning.
  6. When are funds disbursed? Groups should plan on receiving funds within 3 weeks of notification.
  7. Where or to whom are funds disbursed? Grant funds will be made payable to the group. Therefore, each group must be a registered vendor in Clemson University’s Business System (CUBS). Registration is the responsibility of the group.
    1. To register your group, please go to and select “Add vendor/individual.”

Click here to view application and submit to

Honorary Alumnus Nomination Form

Nomination Form Honorary Alumnus

  • Please provide commentary and examples of nominee’s service and demonstrated loyalty to Clemson University and the Alumni Association.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • *All nomination materials are held in strict confidence throughout the selection process; however, those nominees selected to receive the Honorary Alumnus Award, upon their request, may be notified of their nominator and supporters if the nominator consents.

Exclusive Partner Policy

Clubs and Special Interest Groups fall under the Clemson Alumni umbrella and therefore must follow the same rules with exclusive partners that the university, athletics and alumni follow.

Below is the list of Exclusive Partners that athletics and Alumni have contracts with. This means that competitors that are solicited for sponsorship of events on the club and group level cannot be offered promotional rights. If they choose to provide monetary support, they can do so, however their logo and or company purpose cannot be shared on websites, social media outlets or other promotional avenues that could compete with our exclusive partners promotions.

If a sponsorship is secured by a competitor, Alumni staff must be informed and the proper policies must be followed.

1)     As Clemson is an academic institution, beer, wine, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, religious, call to action gambling or political advertisements will require rigorous review and like all advertising (athletic or campus wide) will require the prior written consent of Clemson. If permission is granted, the beer advertisements must be educational and branding advertisements and if gambling advertisement is approved, they must highlight the educational component of the SC Educational Lottery. In each case, there shall be no call to action advertisements. In addition, Clemson Clubs and Special Interest Groups cannot co-brand on promotional products with any alcohol, alcohol distributor or bar.

2)     Our exclusives include the following;

  • Nike (Sideline provider/shoes/apparel and cannot include any competitors);
  • Verizon (Wireless provider);
  • Bank of America (credit cards/debit cards);
  • Gatorade (sideline only);
  • ARAMARK (on-campus dining/catering)
  • Stub Hub
  • Coca-Cola (Pouring Rights);
  • Tom Winkopp, LLC; (Cottage style student apartments/condos)
  • Nationwide Insurance (auto, property, powersports insurance);
  • Clemson Sports Travel (fan and alumni travel)
  • USI Affinity company (health and travel insurance)
  • Fanatics (Online Retail)
  • Grad Images (commencement photography)
  • Balfour (Clemson ring, graduation announcements, cap and gowns)
  • Barnes and Noble (bookstore)

Any questions pertaining this policy must be directed to Tim Match ( from an athletic and university perspective and Randy Boatwright ( from an alumni perspective.


Licensing Terms and Requirements

The demand by Clemson University students, alumni and friends for products depicting a University trademark, logo or symbol has reached new heights. Almost 550 manufacturers are licensed today for commercial use of the marks.

As a result, Clemson University manages a licensing program to ensure that the public properly identifies and associates University logos on products bearing the institutional marks.

The Clemson University licensing program is designed to protect the integrity and ensure the proper use of the University name and logos. In order to administer the program, Clemson has established formal licensing procedures that will allow the institution to benefit from the commercial use of both the registered names and symbols.

The Clemson University licensing program is also designed to establish a cooperative relationship with licensees to assist in developing a marketplace demand for “Officially Licensed Clemson Products.” The marketing strategy drives the consumer to purchase products that directly support the institution. The end result is a mutually beneficial partnership.

By using the Clemson Brand alone or in a design created by the university, yourself or someone you have acquired to create content or branding, you agree to using an approved vendor to produce your items and/or to submit the design for licensing approval understanding fees may be associated with licensing.

In addition, you agree to accept and make any changes to a design requested by the university and/or alumni association.

Club and Group Email Distribution Guidelines

Email Distribution Guidelines for Clemson Clubs and Special Interest Groups rev. 11.1.14

Effective, March 28th, 2011, the Alumni Association staff will resume the responsibility of distribution of all Clemson Club and Special Interest Group emails to alumni audiences. This change is being made to:

1) improve consistency between current Club and Group access and distribution methods,
2) ensure compliance with Alumni Brand Standards and Guidelines,
3) limit liability and risk by reducing the number of individuals sending messages,
4) reduce volunteer involvement with technical troubleshooting or software/hardware issues,
5) increase visibility, control quantity, and coordinate release of ALL email messages being distributed to alumni.

This new procedure will not impact many Clubs and Groups who already depend on Alumni Staff to send out their emails.

New Procedure for Club or Group Email Communication:

1) The Club or Group President or their designee should submit a request for email distribution via the Email Distribution Request link on the Alumni Homepage Please save this link for easy reference. Direct link follows and BBNC login is required:

2) Complete the required fields, noting your Club/Group name and distribution criteria, and populate your email message including: subject of the message and any hyperlink URL’s. The use of acronyms and abbreviations should be avoided as much as possible. Please note, any additional graphics or images must be under 4mb and emailed directly to your assigned Engagement Director with CC: to Megan McDow .

3) Please note in your request if you require a test message be sent to you prior to final distribution or if you would prefer the message go out without your review.

4) Alumni Association Staff will process your request using your branded Club or Group email header template and will distribute your message within seven business days of approval of your request or approved test message (if you request one). Please indicate in your submission your preferred delivery date and time if it differs from this timeframe.

5) Please limit your email communication to your club or group members to no more than once every week.

6) E-mails should be restricted to promoting, advertising, or communicating items of importance with direct ties to Clemson. No personal or business solicitations should be delivered to Clemson Club/Special-Interest Group members without prior approval from the Alumni Office.

  1. Emails announcing obituary information, regardless of the individual’s participation within the club/group/organization/etc., will
    not be sent through this email communication process. It is recommended that all communications about topics of this matter should
    be handled via social media or personal email accounts. Email addresses will not be provided to you in order to share this message in
    accordance with Can Spam Act laws and university email communication policies.

7) The goal of each communication should be to articulate the purpose of the correspondence in as simple, succinct, and straightforward manner as possible. Please use the following checklist when crafting a message, especially when promoting an event or activity:

  1. Who is the message targeting? Can the reader easily discern this? Will they know why they are receiving the message?
  2. Who is sending the message? In what capacity does the sender serve – why are they in a position to craft such a message?
  3. Why is the message being sent? Summed up in its simplest form, what does this message what its reader to do or learn?
  4. If promoting an event, is the time and location clearly indicated? Is the purpose of the event stated?
  5. If the reader desires more information, is it clear how the reader can obtain this?