One of a Kind

When I received my class ring in October 1937, it became my most prized possession. It helped me meet other Clemson men at Air Corps bases throughout WWII. Read more

Faithful Companion

My Clemson ring is like a boomerang. No matter how far it gets away from me, it always comes back. Read more

This Whopper Didn’t Get Away

In 1989, I was in Boston, Mass., on business, and I stopped at a Burger King to get a Whopper. Read more

Underwater Adventures

My husband, John Nutt, graduated from Clemson A&M College in 1960 and was given a ring by his parents. Read more

A Symbol of Remembrance

It is an honor and a privilege to wear a Clemson ring, and it is with great pride and respect that I show it to anyone who sees it or asks. Read more

A Little Help from Friends.

Since 1997, I’ve been living in Lancaster, Calif., contracting to Lockheed as a systems and database administrator in the F-22 Flight Test Data Center. Read more

Family Ties

My grandfather, Bob Jones ’30, and I graduated from Clemson 60 years apart. When my grandfather passed away, I was given his Clemson ring. Read more

Second to None

Forty-five years ago, my mother and father gave me a graduation present. This present served as a symbol to remind me of the sacrifices they made to give me my college education. Read more

Brotherly Love

My brother [Robert W. Twilley ‘00] started attending Clemson in 1994 and fell in love with Clemson and the area. Read more

Simply Forever

When, as a new student, I first learned that all Clemson rings are the same, I was disappointed. I wanted to be able to add my own personal touch to make mine different. Read more