Rings Old and New

I was so excited to get my Clemson ring in 2005 and was equally devastated when, in the summer of 2008, I realized I didn’t have it. I re-traced all of my steps, Read more

Snowball Fight

It was the winter of my senior year and we were being blessed with a decent snowfall in the foothills… since these winter wonders were rare, it was incumbent upon all Clemson men and women to make the most Read more

Dumpster Diving

Around 1998, I was doing some substitute teaching at a school in Blenheim, SC. It was a busy spring day, and I wasn’t paying much attention Read more

A Ringing Coincidence

I lost my 1959 Clemson Ring in the field training as a 2nd Lt at Fort Benning in 1962. A few months later at Fort Holabird, Baltimore, Maryland, it came back to me in the mail with no explanation. Read more

Friend in the Forest

A fellow alum/co-worker and I were hunting deer in Kershaw Co., SC one cold day in November in 2003. My companion had some luck in taking a deer so Read more

Father’s Ring

My Dad, Charles M. Hagan, From Due West, SC, Graduated in 1924, I graduated in 1954. I lost My ring in Europe.. When My Father passed on, his ring was given to Me. Read more

My Special Class of ’39 Ring

Although I am only sixty years old, I wear the great class of ’39 ring – the only woman to do so. Members of this class are now in their Read more

Clemson Ring Trick

As a Navy contractor in the mid-80s, I was attempting to gain access Naval Air Station Norfolk one morning via an auxiliary gate to avoid having to drive all the way around the base to get to the main Read more

Twin Wins

I lost my class ring in downtown Minneapolis in 1987 while celebrating the Minnesota Twin World Series victory. Read more

Buried Treasure

I’ve been active for about two years in the hobby of metal detecting. Recently, I had a find that made a great change in the way I look at “treasure.” Read more