Class of ’39 Award for Excellence

This award, to be made from the Class of 1939 Award for Excellence Endowment, is established in order to inspire the greatest possible level of achievement by members of the faculty of Clemson University. To this end, the Class of 1939 Award for Excellence will be presented annually to one distinguished member of the faculty whose outstanding contributions for a five year period have been judged by his or her peers to represent the highest achievement of service to the University, the Student Body, and the larger community, whether it be the town, the state, or the nation.

Past Winners

Dixie Goswami,
Professor of English, 1989

Joel Brawley,
Professor of Mathematical Sciences, 1990

John Idol,
Professor of English, 1991

Ray Turner,
Professor of Physics, 1992

Budd Bodine,
Professor of Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Science, 1993

Cecil Huey,
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1994

Fran McGuire,
Professor of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management, 1995

Larry LaForge,
Professor of Managment, 1996

Chalmers Butler,
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, 1997

Larry Bauer,
Professor of Agriculture & Applied Economics, 1998

Judy Melton,
Professor of German and Women’s Studies, 1999

Chip Egan,
Professor of Theatre, 2000

Jerry Waldvogel,
Professor of Biology, 2001

A. P. (Hap) Wheeler,
Professor of Biology, 2002

Kinly Sturkie,
Professor of Sociology, 2003

Art Young,
Professor of English, 2004

Ben Sill,
Professor of Civil Engineering, 2005

Donald M. McKale
Professor of History, 2006

Alma Bennett
Professor of English, 2007

William (Bill) T. Pennington
Professor of Chemistry, 2008

Webb M. Smathers, Jr.
Professor of Applied Economics and Statistics, 2009

Melanie M. Cooper
Professor of Chemistry, 2010

Richard Figliola
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 2011

Windsor W. Sherrill
Professor of Public Health Sciences, 2012

John M. Ballato
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, 2013

Catherine Mobley
Professor of Sociology, 2014

June J. Pilcher
Alumni Distinguished Professor of Psychology, 2015

Antonis Katsiyannis
Alumni Distinguished Professor of Special Education, 2016

Terry M. Tritt
Alumni Distinguished Professor and Chair
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, 2017

Lisa Benson
Dept. of Engineering and Science Education, 2018

Mary E. Kurz
Industrial Engineering, 2019