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James T. McCabe

Jim McCabe was born and raised in Ft. Motte, South Carolina. He entered Clemson as an engineering student in 1943. After several semesters, he withdrew as a student and answered the call to serve his country in World War II. After serving in the United States Navy in the South Pacific, McCabe returned home to […]

John N. McCarter, Jr ‘80

John Nichols McCarter Jr. was born in Clover, South Carolina and came to Clemson in 1973 as a walk-on linebacker on the Clemson Tigers football team. Although his time on the football team was cut short, he remained involved in the football program and developed integral relationships that would impact his future career. In 1980, […]

Gregory C. Smith ’84

Gregory C. Smith was born and raised in Coming, New York and after high school decided to make the trek down South for college.  He graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering in 1984 and in 1988 received his master’s in international business from the University of South Carolina. Smith […]

Scroll of Honor – John Coryell Leysath

A Life of Outstanding Accomplishment John Coryell Leysath grew up in the Orangeburg County crossroads of North, South Carolina, graduating from the public schools there and belonging to the Methodist Church.  He was the town’s first Eagle Scout and when it came time for college, he selected the small military school in the northwest corner […]

Scroll of Honor – John William “Bill” Smith

The Price of Proficiency To dive bomb the enemy with any hope of achieving a hit and inflicting damage, the pilot of the aircraft had to be proficient in aiming his plane at the target.  The only way to achieve the level of skill demanded in combat was to train. Nineteen thirty-two was a watershed […]

Scroll of Honor – John Duncan McArthur, Jr.

“An All-Round-Fellow” At least three Clemson men were on board the ship when it set sail from Southampton, England on the morning of Christmas Eve 1944.  The ship was the Léopoldville, a Belgian transport that had made twenty-four Channel crossings and had already carried 120,000 Allied soldiers to France.  On this particular voyage, Léopoldville was […]

Scroll of Honor – Wallace Irvin “Red” Glenn

One In Sixteen Million It happened fast but despite a flurry of activity in 1941 America was still unprepared for war.  As a result, the military accelerated its base-building efforts in the wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  One of the bases that had been established as the country scrambled to train, equip […]

Jan Childress McCrary Named Honorary Alumna

Janice (“Jan”) Childress McCrary, long-time volunteer and friend of Clemson, has been named an honorary alumna of Clemson University. Jan, now living in Greenville, SC, has a diverse background in healthcare businesses. She is an owner and Director of HMR Veterans Services, Inc., a national long-term care company focused on serving our country’s Veterans. Jan […]

Scroll of Honor – Burton Forrest Mitchell, Jr.

Unrewarded Valor Everything at Clemson College changed in the spring of 1943.  Of course things had been changing for several months by then.  The Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor in December of ’41, then Hitler had declared war on the United States and Congress had returned the sentiment.  A lot of cadets left school to […]