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Scroll of Honor – Oliver Jacob Rochester

From Teacher to Warrior Written by: Kelly Durham They were fighting over what in ordinary times would have appeared to be nothing more than a worthless sliver of mango-covered coral, just two feet above sea level and only about five hundred feet wide.  But in September 1943, Sagekarasa Island, resting along the southern shore of […]

Scroll of Honor – Lawrence Aldine Bearden

Cut Short Written by: Kelly Durham The headlines in The Tiger campus newspaper in August 1941 included nothing about the war that had been raging in Europe for nearly two years, nothing about the war in China which had been going on even longer.  Lawrence Aldine Bearden and the other new “rats” arriving at Clemson […]

Scroll of Honor – Roy Sellars

Cold War Heats Up Written by: Kelly Durham The start of the Korean War in June 1950 caught the United States by surprise.  American forces were quickly pushed south, retreating to the “Pusan Perimeter,” the extreme southeastern corner of the Korean Peninsula.  From there, South Korean and American troops held out desperately while they awaited […]

Scroll of Honor – John Dendy McBrearty

On His Way Written by: Kelly Durham John Dendy McBrearty was a young man on his way.  After graduating from high school in Pelzer in 1931, he enrolled at Clemson College as a general science/pre-medical major.  As a Clemson cadet he was promoted to corporal in H Company as a sophomore and served as a […]

Scroll of Honor – Alexander Fraser Henderson, Jr.

Deadliest Season Written by: Kelly Durham Clemson’s Scroll of Honor, which lists alumni who died while on military duty, includes four hundred ninety-three names reaching back to 1918 and the Great War, now better known as World War I. The list continues through the Twentieth Century and includes Clemson’s fallen from the Nicaraguan Campaign, Korea, […]

Deon Legette receives 2020 Alumni Award for Cooperative Extension Distinguished Public Service

Deon Stevenson Legette supervises 42 Extension agents and staff members in a 10-county area, but her impact on the Clemson Cooperative Extension Service is statewide. Deon Legette The winner of the 2020 Alumni Award for Cooperative Extension Distinguished Public Service, Legette is the Midlands District Extension director who, according to her award citation, “has mentored […]

Lesly A. Temesvari Presented with the 2020 Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievements in Research

Lesly A. Temesvari, Alumni Distinguished Professor in the biological sciences department in the College of Science, received Clemson University’s 2020 Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievements in Research for her work on cell biology and eukaryotic pathogens. An internationally recognized leader, Temesvari’s overall goal is to understand the pathogenesis of the human protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica, […]

Educator Appreciation

Calling All Teachers, Counselors, Coaches and Educational Leaders!  As the time draws near for a new and uncertain academic year, we want to salute all of our alumni who work in the PK-12 education field – teachers, principals, school and district administrators, counselors, coaches, anyone who works to make schools happen. Please complete the form […]

Scroll of Honor – Thomas Albert McTeer

Non-Battle Death There were surely many ways to die in World War II.  The National World War II Museum estimates that sixty million died world-wide during the conflict, a staggering figure that includes forty-five million civilians.  The United States military recorded 416,800 deaths and while most of these were attributable to enemy action, a startling […]