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Scroll of Honor – Herbert Gregg Easterling

January Sacrifices It’s unlikely that Herbert Gregg Easterling would have graduated in 1944 even if he had stayed in school.  Easterling, of Florence, arrived on campus as an English major in 1940, a member of the Class of ’44.  The war eclipsed the Clemson careers of these young men as they were called to duty […]

Scroll of Honor – Bill Dillard

Winter War Written by: Kelly Durham When we think about winter combat in World War II, most of us recall the Battle of the Bulge and the heroic stand of American forces in surrounded Bastogne.  But before that action, American and Allied forces were already locked in a miserable battle against the Germans, the terrain […]

Scroll of Honor – Robert Mixon

Ball Turret Gunner It was the most isolated position on the crew.  Sure, the tail gunner was stuck at the very back of the fuselage beneath the tail section, but at least he could crawl back through the narrow tunnel and into the B-17’s waist when things calmed down.  Not so for the ball turret […]

Clemson ROTC and Student Veteran Contact Update

The Clemson University ROTC program would like to keep you connected to the program whether you participated in the program as a student or if you served in the military post your academic career. Please complete the form below so we can keep you connected to Clemson and its military heritage.  

Clemson Ring Moments Video Submission

Clemson needs your help! We are creating a very special video for the ring ceremony that highlights the moments our Alumni have celebrated while wearing their Clemson ring. We need your help. If you have video or photos of celebrations that you would like to share with the world, we would love to see them […]

Scroll of Honor – Richard Hughes Johnson

One Day Short His classmates held him in high regard.  His Taps profile stated: He is a hard worker and we bespeak for him great success. Richard Hughes Johnson was born the same year the first class of cadets enrolled in Clemson Agricultural College.  He moved into the barracks in 1911, just twenty-two years after […]

Scroll of Honor – John Coleman Carlisle

Deadly Foe Written by: Kelly Durham By the time John Coleman Carlisle of Newberry checked into the barracks, he probably knew already that his days on campus were numbered. Carlisle’s Clemson bore faint resemblance to the bustling college where just two years before one of the largest cadet corps in the country had marched across […]

2019 Alumni Master Teacher Kelly Smith

CLEMSON – Clemson University students have chosen Kelly Smith as the Alumni Master Teacher of 2019. Smith, an associate professor of philosophy in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, was nominated by several students including Graham Pitman, who said Smith’s passion for taking on the big questions of life and the universe sets off intellectual sparks in […]

2019 Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievements in Research presented to Hai Yao

The 2018-19 winner of the Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievements In Research, is the Ernest R. Norville Endowed Chair and Professor of Bioengineering and Professor of Oral Health Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina, Hai Yao. Yao is working to advance the biomechanical function, degeneration and regeneration of skeletal systems, specifically the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Yao’s […]