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Alfred G. Wheeler Jr. Named Honorary Alumnus of Clemson University

CLEMSON — The Clemson Alumni Association has named entomologist Alfred G. Wheeler Jr. an honorary alumnus of Clemson University.

During his career as an entomologist, Wheeler became the world authority on the insect family Miridae and published the awarding winning text “Biology of the Plant Bugs.” After working 25 years with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Wheeler retired to Clemson as an adjunct member of the entomology program.

In his 17 years at Clemson, Wheeler published more than 115 refereed papers. He has served on 16 graduate student advisory committees, mentored several Creative Inquiry undergraduate research projects, volunteered to coordinate the entomology seminar series for six years and worked as editor of South Carolina Biota for more than a decade. Wheeler also established a $100,000 endowment to support research expeditions for entomology graduate students.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that Dr. Alfred G. Wheeler Jr. will be a remembered name in the annals of entomology, and, to our benefit, his name will be forever tied to Clemson University, his chosen professional home,” said Patricia Zungoi, professor of entomology.

Any Clemson alumnus can nominate someone to be an honorary alumnus. Honorary alumni are specially selected by the Alumni Council for their outstanding service, lifelong devotion and loyalty to Clemson University or the Clemson Alumni Association. To see past honorary alumni or to view the award guidelines, visit the honorary alumni web page.

— Ashley Hedrick


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