Advertising in the Echo

Advertising in the Echo allows you to reach over 90,000 dedicated Clemson alumni and donors via email addresses every 2 weeks. Check out the latest Echo at The newsletter has an average open rate of over 15% and metrics reporting can be provided for your ad by request.

*The Clemson Alumni Association does not permit advertising for private property and all advertisements must be associated with a licensed company. No more than two advertisers will be permitted at one time with products within the same industry. The Clemson Alumni Association maintains the right to accept or deny advertising rights to any entity. 

Spotlight Ad Pricing 

  • One Month – $500
    • Equates to two issues per month or three when there are 5 weeks in a month and the Echo runs three times
  • One Quarter – $1,000
    • Three full months of issues – must start at the beginning of any month and be consecutive months but does not have to be a standard designated quarter (i.e. Can be February-April instead of January-March
  • One Year – $3000
    • Every issue in a one year period – must start at the beginning of any month but does not have to start in January

Ad Specs

  • Ad Size: 310 pixels x 542 pixels
  • Acceptable art formats include: .jpg.
  • No flash or sound
  • Must include a link to a landing page for additional information to accompany ad.

For more information, please submit a request for more information via the form below.

Echo Request for Additional Info

This form is intended for potential advertisers to request additional information about advertising in the Echo, the Clemson Alumni enewsletter.
  • The Clemson Alumni Association reserves the right to refuse advertising based on the appropriateness of the product or service and conflicts of interest relating to contractual obligations with current partners.
  • Please select the length of time you would like to consider for advertising in the Echo.