Clemson Alumni Association Board Nominations Guidelines

Per the Alumni Association Constitution, the Board “is responsible for overall policy, direction,

and organizational vision of the Alumni Association”. As such, each of its members shall have at

least the following duties and responsibilities:

a) oversight of the financial and administrative affairs of the Alumni Association

b) establishment of policies and goals to fulfill the mission and purpose of the Association

c) deliberation and decision upon any proposed contractual relationship or partnership between

the Association and any outside party

d) report to the Council at each meeting and as requested

A full term of service to the Board is three years, and the Board meets no fewer than four times

annually to conduct its business.

Candidates are sought who meet the following qualifications: a) sound judgment, b) strong work

ethic, c) demonstrated service to the University and Alumni Association, d) leadership qualities

and potential, and e) the desire and vision to advance the goals and objectives of the


An interest/nomination form is attached to this message, and should be used to submit the

name of any candidate. Self-nominations will be accepted, but the opportunity exists for a

candidate to be nominated or endorsed by one or more from a third party. All nominations

must be received by close of business on March 31, 2018.

Each nomination will be forwarded to the Nominating Committee, to be reviewed and screened

by its membership. The Nominating Committee will present its recommendations of qualified

candidates to the Alumni Council, and the election of new Directors will take place during the

Alumni Council meeting in the Spring in Clemson.

Membership on the Alumni Council is not a pre-requisite for consideration of a seat on the

Board. As such, each member of the Council is encouraged to disseminate this call for

nominations throughout his/her respective Club or alumni special-interest group, or to any

potentially-interested party.

For more information on the duties and responsibilities of a Director of the Alumni Association

Board, or for general inquiries on the nominations and selection process, please contact Wil